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I just walked out of my math final turning in half of a blank test. It was even non-cumulative and open book and I still couldn't do all the problems(their were only 4 of them). Walking home I was thinking I could just take it next spring and then I would be able to still graduate in May of 09. Well I just looked it up and the class is only offered in Spring of even years so it won't be offered again until after I graduate.

The problem is I need that class, a stats class, or differential equations 2 to graduate with a math degree. The stats class I need is getting offered in the fall but I already have 17 credits so I can't fit it in my schedual unless I drop Number Theory and take Stats instead. Its just that Number Theory was really my only enjoyable class in the fall and I would be doing research on the topic the following semester so it would really help me to have a class in it. And I would take differential equations 2 but its only offered in the springs and it will be 2 years since I would have had differential equations 1. That and thats going to be my last semester on campus and I am already taking the hardest math class that semster(modern(abstract) algebra) and really don't want to take to many hard classes.

So what should I do? Take stats in the fall or take Diffy-Q 2 in the spring?
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Any possibility of taking any of the classes on an extension basis on some other campus, or even online?
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Ok, I'm waaaay bad at math first off haha... I took one 6-credit calc/trig class my first year of college, got a D and was done with math for the rest of my life haha

But I know the situation you're in! I got my degree in German language and even at a big place like PSU, we had very few German profs so classes are only offered at certain times and I had to work with that... I took a full extra year of school but that was also due to a change in majors and I had to withdrawl a whole semester due to an illness.... ok, back to the point - does your school offer summer courses? Will your school accept credits from another school or community college where you could take the needed course over the summer or next fall/spring? If you don't know these things already, check with your advisor, if you don't have one stop into your department's office and just be like "ok I need help" haha... my department was as flexible as they could be to get me to graduate on time and even let me take a class as an "independent study" one semester since the actual class wasn't offered that semester...

I hope that helped or at least gave you some more ideas on how to graduate on time haha... in my experience, going to your advisor, department or a trusted prof can really get you places/help you out.... good luck!
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