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OOH! I love words, too.

Dehiscence De*his"cence, n. Cf. F. d'ehiscence.

1. The act of gaping.

2. (Biol.) A gaping or bursting open along a definite line of attachment or suture, without tearing, as in the opening of pods, or the bursting of capsules at maturity so as to emit seeds, etc.; also, the bursting open of follicles, as in the ovaries of animals, for the expulsion of their contents.
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vicissitude -natural change or mutation visible in nature or human affairs
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Effluvium Ef*flu"vi*um, n.; pl. Effluvia.

a flowing out, fr. effluere to flow out. See Effluent, a. Subtile or invisible emanation; exhalation perceived by the
sense of smell; especially, noisome or noxious exhalation; as, the effluvium from diseased or putrefying bodies, or from
ill drainage.

Makes me think of my Cally's overactive Flehmen response to smells.
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lambent \\LAM-buhnt\\


1. Playing lightly on or over a surface; flickering; as, "a lambent flame; lambent shadows."
2. Softly bright or radiant; luminous; as, "a lambent light."
3. Light and brilliant; as, "a lambent style; lambent wit."
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Good one! I didn't know it!

Paradigm- an outstandingly clear example or archetype
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Cat's-paw Cat's"-paw`, n.

1. (Naut.)
(a) A light transitory air which ruffles the surface of the water during a calm, or the ripples made by such a puff of air.

(b) A particular hitch or turn in the bight of a rope, into which a tackle may be hooked.

2. A dupe; a tool; one who, or that which, is used by another as an instrument to a accomplish his purposes.

Note: In this sense the term refers to the fable of the monkey using the cat's paw to draw the roasting chestnuts out of the fire.
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