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Word of the Day

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1 : lasting one day only <an ephemeral fever>
2 : lasting a very short time <ephemeral pleasures>


(this is a thread to post words you didnt know, and have looked up, our Word thread, i love words.)
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ENNUI - MEANS BOREDOM (great scrabble word)
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Devoid of matter; empty.

1)Lacking intelligence; stupid.
2)Devoid of substance or meaning; inane: a vacuous comment.
3)Devoid of expression; vacant:
“The narrow, swinelike eyes were open, no more vacuous in death than they had been in life†(Nicholas Proffitt).
4)Lacking serious purpose or occupation; idle.
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Main Entry: va·pid
Pronunciation: 'va-p&d, 'vA-
Function: adjective
Date: circa 1656

: lacking liveliness, tang, briskness, or force : FLAT, DULL -
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bam-boo-zle, bam-bö'zl, v.t.—bamboozled, bamboozling. [Origin uncertain.] To impose or practice upon; to hoax; to humbug; to—v.i.—bam-boo-zler, bam-bö'zlér, n.

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chagrin (sha-grin) A keen feeling of mental unease, as of annoyance or embarrassment, caused by failure, disappointment, or a disconcerting event.
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ur-ti-ca-tion, ür"ti-kã'shan, n. Med. The former practice of whipping a paralyzed limb or part with nettles to restore sensation; the formation or development of urticaria.


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aus·pi·cious [aw spÃ:censor:shss ]


promising well for future: marked by lucky signs or good omens, and therefore by the promise of success or happiness

aus·pi·cious·ly adverb
aus·pi·cious·ness noun
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Bamboozled ! tee hee

great word, Mr.Cheshire Cat

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Pathos [páy thÃ:censor:wss]


1. quality that arouses pity: the quality in something that makes people feel pity or sadness

2. expression of pity: feelings of pity, especially when they are expressed in some way
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cat (kãt), n. [AS. cat, catt, and ONF cat.] 1. A flesh-eating mammal long kept by man as a pet or for catching mice. 2. Any of a family typified by the domestic cat and including the lion, tiger, leopard, puma, etc. 3. A person, such as a spiteful woman, likened to a cat. 4. Short for CAT-O'-NINE-TAILS. 5. Naut. A strong tackle used to hoist an anchor to the cathead of a ship. —v.t.; CAT'TED (30); CAT'TING. Naut. To hoist to the cathead; as, to cat the anchor.

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Great Thread!


accidental switching of initial letters of words

(that is my very favorite word, and I never waste an oppurtunity to share it with the world)
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umm, I don't realy know what it mean, but gosh darn it, I use it all the time. (I'm even starting to annoy myself!)
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Diurnal [d úrn'l ] adjective

1. in the daytime: happening during the day as opposed to at night

2. every day: happening every day

3. SCIENCE varying within a day: varying within the course of a single day

4. BOTANY open only in daytime: used to describe flowers that open during the day and close at night

5. ZOOLOGY active in daytime: used to describe animals that are active during the day rather than at night
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Visceral [vÃ:censor:ssrl] adjective

1. Instinctual: proceeding from instinct rather than from reasoned thinking

2. Emotional: characterized by or showing basic emotions

3. ANATOMY of internal organs: relating to or affecting one or more internal organs of the body
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Prosaic [pr záy ik ] adjective

1. lacking imagination: not having any features that are interesting or imaginative

2. resembling prose: characteristic of, resembling, or consisting of prose

3. straightforward: lacking complications or subtleties
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ves-pi-ar-y, ves'pë-er"ë, n. pl. ves-pi-ar-ies. [< L. vespa, a wasp.] A nest or colony of social wasps.


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I just love words - i have so many in my vocab - I am sure some of them are not real words but I use them all the time here are just a few:

Squiffy - when one has had a few drinks. You are not drunk just squiffy

oujamiflip - when you cannot remember something or someone 'where is my oujimaflip'

onther one which can be used in the same context as above is dooberrywhatzit

numpty - is something you say when a freind has done or said something really quite silly ' you are such a numpty':tounge2:

Gosh I bet you all must think I am a complete numpty now
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Misanthrope- noun. Hater of Mankind.:evilalien :evilalien :disturbed :witch:
Not me of course, it was the name of my ex-boyriend's band.
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Pertaining to fermentation; applied to epidemic and contageous diseases, supposed to be produced by germs acting like a ferment.

(what the?!)
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Vociferate - To cry out with vehemence, to exclaim.

Phantasmagoria - An exhibition of figures by shadowa as by the magic lantern; illusive images. :opposite:

Lobular - Having the character of a lobule (this made me laugh - a lobule is a small lobe,ie; earlobe!)

(and yes I am bored with nothing to do! not that you could tell!)
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1) a) of or relating to the regions beyond the earth b) celestial, heavenly c) unworldly, spirtual


2) a) lacking material substance b) marked by unusual delicacy or refinement
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1) : a puzzling or difficult problem : an unsolved question

2) : an essential point requiring resolution or resolving an outcome

3) : a main or central feature
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::: purification of the emotions primarily through art, bringing about spiritual renewal or release from tension :::
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::: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for :::
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this is one of my all time favourite threads, i'm in love words, in love with language, period.
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Lugubrious-mournful in an exaggerated way, so much so that it appears ridiculous
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Fantasmatistic!!!!!! I don't really know what it means...it's just a word that I use...especially when someone asks me how I am...I reply, "Fantasmatistic!"

Also I am a Flake!

F =Fun
L =Loving
A =Awesome
K =Kind
E =Essential!

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Originally posted by Puffkitty
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ebullience-the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts of feelings.
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