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Bungee Kitty!!!!

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I am not sure what made me think this was a good idea!
I have a fuzzy mouse with a stretchy tail and a little plastic ring that kitties love. I had it hanging from a doorknob at the old house, and they would bat at it. I had it hanging from one of those huge, thick rubber bands.
In the new house, I have the kitty tree in a corner of the living room, and there is a heavy hook for a plant 6 inches in front of it. I hung this thing on the hook for kitties to bat at from the tree. It never occurred to me that they would jump on it! Well, Georgia did just that. She grabbed it, swung way down, came up and smacked into the ceiling, then the wall! She and the toy landed in the middle of the floor. It scared me silly, and I figured it would scare her, too. She dragged it back to the top of the tree like she wants me to put it back up! My little daredevil!
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I can just picture that! So funny!! Too bad you didn't have a camera handy. They do get themselves in some funny predicaments (sp?) sometimes.
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[font=century]OMG! I can't believe that! that is too funny, but scary too. I can't imagine what you went through when you saw that! But she is o.k. right? *phew* what a trooper!
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Eep! Poor little Georgia! And you! I'd have been terrified that she might have been hurt. That must have been some ride! I do hope she's alright.
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Silly kitty!
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Yee Haa Do it again Mum. Georgia may feel like its a ride in the sideshow. Would have loved to see that kk. She didnt hurt herself though?
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Oh my god!! it must be hilirous!! Shoot it! I missed it!! It must be WOWOWOW..

i guess your kitty will do it again???? :LOL:
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georgia stories never fail to make me laugh!!! :LOL:
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No, she didn't get hurt. I could almost hear her yelling WWHHHHEEEEEEEE!! She loved it. She is still tossing it at me off the top of the cat tree. I think she wants me to put it back up.
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OMG! I can only imagine your reaction and Georgia looking at you like "WHAT? That was FUN Mommy!" LOL
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You need to add a trapeze to that cat tree! It would give her a great work out and give you a daily dose of laughter!
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I put it back up last night, but she just kept knocking it down. No bungee jumping this time. I am going to try to find a safe way to get it to stay up. She was pouting in her chair for much of the evening, because she was being bad all day, and kept getting scolded.
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