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contrations or trying to throwing up

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Eboney looks like she may be having some contritions, but I cant tell they are spread out like once every 2-6 hours and I cant tell if it is because she eats and then her tummy gets a Little upset, she had one late last night and then again this morning. It looks like throw up movements. those hard, whole belly moves, looks like she is going to gag, and then she doesn't throw up..

Should I be concerned or just keep waiting it out?

I feel like any minute any minute, but then I am not a patient person, and I know that she will have them when it is time,. She does have a lot of signs, though. She is and has always been loving cuddly cat, but lately she wants to be rubbed, petted and comfortability sitting on your lap at all times. She has dime size milk bags under each nipple, she is re-arranging her birthing box, scratching it, etc.
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Those match all the signs Shinobi showed when she was going into labor, so I'd say its probably soon.
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oh I can't wait as that means I should only be a few days behind you. hehee...... I am getting sooooooo excited!
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sounds like the start of labor to me
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Still no babies yet.. She has been very quiet, sleeping she has had a couple of more of those, I will call movement's, through out the day. She is not eating hardly at all. I think I will take a pic of her latter to show you all, prob. the last time she will get her pic's with her huge belly..

mountaindew: I know I am watching your story in suspense as well.. I'm so excited as well for us both....

Thank you both shepatna and Abstract...
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GL at least your girl is showing signs. mine has actually been eating MORE the past few days! LOL she is going through almost a whole dish of food each day now! YIKES! LOL I will have to try to get some pictures tomorrow. I swear 1/2 the time you can't even see she has a belly!!!!!! LOL she isnt' much bigger than the pictures I put up a week or so ago. LOL
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You may still have a bit of waiting to do... the vet told me that the first stage (what she's showing signs of) can last several hours. Shinobi's went very quickly - I left her in the room for about 45 minutes, came back and she had two kittens already, so I was lucky
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Im over here in suspense too

I bet either today, or tomorrow. Contractions usually build up. Once my cat had them about every 2 - 5 minutes, the vet told me no longer than 4 hours after that I should see kittens, he was right!
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still no kitties, should I be concerned, those movements stopped. I just keep telling myself in good time in good time.... Is there a time I should be concerned and take her to the vet. Today is 64 days, I think...

The suspense continues..
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Originally Posted by shepatna View Post
sounds like the start of labor to me

Salem displayed the same signs, just before she went into labor -- with the exception of the "throwing up" thing.

If you're really concerned about her, call your vet to see what he thinks..

Good luck! I know how exciting it is!

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Thanks KK.. I hope soon...

Here are her latest pic's taken just minutes ago.

She looks so big.. hehe

Any queses on how many????



Can someone paste these pictures for me.. TY!
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done! [they both looked the same, so i only pasted one.]
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laureen227: Thank you so much, I appreciate it! I thought I did 2 different views, (one side view) but I guess not.. Thanks again..

See she is big isn't she.....?
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She is hiding in the closet, scenting I think, small, small. place.. Watching her closely.
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She looks big to me, I'd say 5 at least. She looks as big as my Momma kitty from 10 years ago, who had 7!

If she is in the closet she could be close. Keep an eye out and we'll all keep an eye on the posts to see if there is a delivery I hope so soon for your sanity

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ebony--- I wouldn't get worried yet since she first got out 64 days ago and was gone for a week she may only be 57 days. plus a cat can be preg. for 70 days..... with that said GL and I hope this is it. Angel is showing no signs of labor at all. LOL
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AWW look at that big tummy! im watching your thread, wishing you luck!
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Nothing yet, I don't feel well today, but will keep you all posted as soon as anything happens.
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Hope you are feeling better. any signs of anything going on yet? discharge or anything? Angel is showing nothing at all. she hasn't been eating as much but it seemed that the only time she really pigged out was this weekend then slowed back down.... I am begging to wonder if Angel is really preg. or if we are all just crazy that thougth we felt the kittens move. we don't feel them all the time or even see them at all...... LOL
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She looks just like Shinobi!
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Thanks all...
I Feel a little better today..

UPDATE: Eboney is defiantly searching for somewhere to have her babies, and she is so restless, she looks different to me today, her tummy looks to be a different shape, and she is not being able to sit still for long periods of time, whereas, before she was sleeping for hours and hours.. Her nipples are also very big and look darker today.. I am going to check for milk in them in a few minutes..

I think her time may be finally coming, soon, I hope....
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oh sounding very close for you with her not sitting and searching!!!!! hope she has them before I go camping so I can see the news before Sun. hehee
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Ebony is in labor!
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Oh how exciting. I have been following this thread so I know you're probably so thrilled that the time has come. Let us know how she does and all that. We wanna see pics too
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WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us up to date and tell me ALL stages and approx. times thing happened! LOL I am still waiting on Angel.......... She had a bit of discharge that I saw yesterday and today but still no labor yet.....
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OMG!!! False alarm, I thought for sure this morning was it!!! Still nothing, if she doesn't go by tomorrow morning, I am taking her to the vet, to see if she is alright. She had quite a few hard contractions this morning and she was acting odd, but it wasn't labor, I guess..... So sad, I hope she is okay.. I will keep you all updated...

Please pray she is just taking her time and that she is okay and can do labor the natural way...

I'm really getting worried, maybe she doesn't make her own pitiocin(sp?)(labor starting hormone.) or something>?!>!
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GL!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it is hard to worry but dont' forget you really aren't sure how far along she is either but good thing to get her checked out JIC too.
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okay she has had 3 kittens
1) Gray
3) black
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wow guess it really was labor when you thought. LOL did she just have them???? is she all done????

CONGRATS and I am soooooooooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!! still no contractions here. so what did she do before she started contractions??? Angel is very talkative and trying to get out of my room whenever anyone is near the door. but that is it now. GRRRRRRRRR
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