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anyone good at decorating?

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So Im going to be moving tomorow and I was thinking its time for a new color scheme in my room. I was hoping you guys could give me some ideas.

My bedroom furniture is a dark brown, my curtains are dark brown and my bedding is a deep dark red.Im going to keep my original stuff, but want new stuff for the new place, which means new bedding and new curtains (i needed new curtains anyway)

I want a differnt look but cant decide on colors. I want something feminine but not too girly, im not into ruffles and flowers and stuff.

Anyone have any good color ideas? Oh and the carpets in my new room are white,if that matters.

I've done the brown and blue too, but i felt it was too man like, lol.

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Brown and red together are a tough one for me -- but I wonder how it would look if you put some turquoise with it. Not just aqua, but a good intense turquoise, like the stone. Might brighten things up for you!
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I would just change curtains to a sand white colour or cream.

Then id change the bed sheet to something refreshing and summery.

like Lilac, or torquise.

For our next house we are having white and lila, lila is a colour of relaxing, and white to refreshen it. It might sound girly but if you decorate it right it wont be

Also i dont know where you will be shopping but look at the ikea catalogues for ideas

or on the internet they have samples of rooms
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Brown and Pink is a hot combo right now. My daughter has a brown and pink bikini and seen a comforter like this a couple weeks ago. We are in the beginning stages of redecorating her room now. Just bought a boat load of wall paper boarder and Wallies that came the other day.

If you check out ebay, you'll see several different pink and brown comforters on there. Maybe if you pick your comforter or curtains first, you can pull the decorating scheme from there!
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pretty much any bright or pastel color will look great with dark brown. Remember brown is a neutral.
Right now I have chocolate brown satin sheets with a sage greet comforter and they look great together. Or you could even do a pastel pink or purple. Or Turquoise and brown are amazing together! And also brown and lime green work too if you want something a little funkier.
You could also go for a pretty paisley print or something that looks like henna designs or middle eastern looking would work too.
You could also do some stripes or polka dots.

Sorry for all the options. I'm an interior design major
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Maybe try a light/medium green or yellow or peach colors. Or if you are into purples - do a lilac color theme.

Personally I'd get rid of the dark brown curtains and pick out a cream or light tan that would blend in. We just did our living room - tan walls, red curtains and will eventually have a cream carpet for 1/2 the living room - wood floors for the dining area.
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Gold goes well with red and browns - I'm surprised no one mentioned that. It would brighten things up and make it easy to work in paler yellows, too.
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When I have color questions, I use a site like They have a design thing where you can compare colors side by side, and even "paint" a room to see how they work together.
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i heard/read somewhere that, to decide on a color scheme, you should look in your closet. those are the colors you should use.
my closet has lots of bright, neon colors - but predominantly blue & pink. while i didn't use royal blue & hot pink [my 2 favorites], the house is painted mostly in shades of blue, & the pink/maroon shades are accents.
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you can never go wrong with a "neopolitan ice-cream" look - chocolate strawberry and vanilla
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Greys are very in right now. Color is actually my husbands business. DONT BE AFRAID OF COLOR!!!!
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I have dark brown bedroom furniture too... the last time I redid my room was in high school (I'm 24 now and stuck living back at home thanks to student loans lol) but I still LOVE what I did with it... I went from way girly pink with bears to a bit of a beachy theme... my furniture and window/door trims are still dark brown, but they look good with some white accents (white wooden blinds, white kitty litter box cabinet, white accents in the one wall that's papered)... 3 of the 4 walls are painted like a light aqua/turquoise color; the 4th wall is papered - the paper has wide vertical stripes: tan, light green, and an aqua - each separated by a thin white stripe... and a boarder goes all the way around the top of my room and it's almost an Acapulco looking scene (ok, I've just decided that I'm going to snap a few pictures of my room, even though it's a little messy, so you can actually see what I mean haha)... so it's not super beachy, but I do have some beachy accents too: flip flop stuff here and there and tiny decorative bird house that looks like a cabana, etc... I've got lots of other junk around too haha just cuz I can't part with it yet plus my bar glass collection, but don't mind all that junk

I also really love like a deep deep turquoise with dark brown and white... I'm a "cool colors" person - blues and greens look really good on me so I guess that's why lol... ok taking pictures - will dump them to photobucket and be back to put up the link lol
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OK! Pictures taken! Hey at least this gave me a reason to clean up too lol

Um like I mentioned before, please don't mind the various Red Sox/PennState/High School stuff that I won't part with but have nowhere else to put at the moment hahaha... I also have no idea whether you'd be able to find the actual paper/boarder/fabric/bedding as it's coming up on 10 years now (wow that's crazy!)... I could definitely go for a new comforter set, but haven't come across one I like... so yeah, I'm sure you wouldn't go with exactly this same thing, but it's a color scheme/theme idea

Here's the link!
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Originally Posted by Sandtigress View Post
When I have color questions, I use a site like They have a design thing where you can compare colors side by side, and even "paint" a room to see how they work together.
Thanks for posting that site! I played with it for hours this morning when I couldn't sleep... great fun!
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