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Another update

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Ted's mom;s dr.wants to send her to a mental hospital for and evelation[sp].He wants her to go without being made to go,so she know's what is going on and they can keep her more than 3 days.If she is just taken,they can only keep her that long,but if she goes without being taken they can keep her for as long as is needed.
She had another fit tonight,they had to sediate[sp] her,they could't get her to calm down and take it,intill after she called and told Ted he was a rotten son for putting her there,he was calm and got her to take the pill's.Poor man is a wreck,hates to answer the phone,or go down and see her,she just cut's him down and screams at him!
Thanks for listening! Sherral
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Maybe, Ted needs to quit answering the phone, for a while. If its not too hard on you, can you take the calls and filter what he hears?

You definitely DON'T need him getting on a huge guilt trip and bringing her home.
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Sherral we are going through the same thing here with Mike's mom. She is 93 years old and broke her hip awhile back. Her confinement in bed has made her dementia come out at a full on rage, and because she is legally blind and also very hard of hearing, she can do nothing but lay in bed and sleep or rage. She drifts from believing that Mike is some sort of covert spy who is selling her parts to spacemen, to telling us how horrible he is and she has no son......sigh-

It is hard on me, but so much harder on him and there is nothing anyone can do-
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I really feel for you and Ted! She is making your lives a living hell and she obviously enjoys it too! I do agree with the evaluation...it sounds like she's got a screw or two loose up there! I do hope for Ted and yourself's sake, that she will go on her own terms and that she'll get the treatment that she needs.
Stay strong Sherral and give that wonderful man of yours a big hug & a soft shoulder to lean on. It sounds like he just about ready to break from all of this and it sounds to me like he really needs you right now. Best of luck to the both of you and first & foremost...don't forget to take care of yourselves!
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I agree with having Ted's mother evaluationed also. At the nursing home I work at we occasionally have to do this with residents who have severe behavorial problems. Some of these residents return and are more manageable after an adjustment or change in their medication, and some are transfered to other nursing homes that are better equiped to deal with them.
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Sherral, I'm very sorry this is happening to you. It is a very trying time for you and I hope this gets settled fast, I also agree that she should go to this place the Dr. was talking about.

Lorie, same thing with my work. Now, here's a question for you...I've heard of a program where they send the person-in-question to a place and they load the patient up with a ton of drugs and slowly they take one-by-one away until the have a happy medium, and that's the prescription is afterwards. Have you heard of this? What is this program called?
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Tamme, sorry but I'm not familiar with that program.
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