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Daily Thread Monday May 12th!

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Morning my friends!

Well after a whirlwind week, I am back at home now. Not a big fan of it...but things must go on and I must get back to work. I'm sure there are 50 emails in my work inbox

Today after work I am going to do all the errands like laundry, groceries etc..I don't even have bread or milk! I had to have yogurt for breakfast so I will be starving in no time.

Only 14 degrees today and some clouds...

Have a great day folks!
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Morning!. It's a grey day here today as well, and quite cool.

The official invitation to my friends son's wedding in august was posted through my door late last night, so i better get an acceptance for it. Nothing else happening here?
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Its beautiful 22 degrees here and sunny, currently doing the laundry and packing away the winter clothes. Clearing out some more junk and bringing a big bag to the red cross!

Its also a public holiday today
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gorgeous here again today - but not as nice as it has been. Rune is working again today and this was supposed to be a long weekend we could spend together Not impressed. Still, it's better him working at home today I guess.
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Its a sunny spring day but temps are only in mid 30's right now.

Got a fair amount of yard stuff done over the weekend and had a good nights sleep last night-with braces on both hands!!

This morning I have to seed a patch of lawn for a business client and do some spring outdoor work at another. I'll see what time it is to see if I cam proceed to another place.
My schedule isnt at demanding this week!! Which is a good thing as my sister is driving from VA Thursday night and our parents also will be here on Friday so I have some cleaning in the house to do.

Making garlic chicken for dinner tonite.

Bakker is starving for affection this morning,Griz is sleeping on the bed, Bobs is outside and Ox is sleeping too.

Have a good day!!
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Morning All!!!

Rainy and cool here this morning. Not nice at all.

Heading off to work in a bit, one of our senior staff gave notice over the weekend so now the hunt is on for a replacement. That means I will have to start looking over some employee evaluations to find out who deserves the promotion..

After work nothing special, just home and R&R. This damp weather has me pretty achy so that seems like the best coarse of action.

Kitties are good this morning, sitting in the window watching the rain right now..

Everyone have a good day
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It's gorgeous here, 23°C / 73°F, without a cloud in the sky. Today's a public holiday, so I slept in, then took Jamie for a walk. We went out to lunch with my in-laws - Chinese buffet, so I'm too stuffed to even think about doing anything constructive.
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Well today is the first day of finals and its going to be a sunny 67 degree day...I swear god is taunting me because I have to be studying today. Anyway my first final was this morning and I think I got a 100% on it so I am really happy. My next final...well I don't have a prayer of passing that class so the final is pretty much a paper airplane for me. I am taking it just to show the professor I do care about the class, and to see the 1 problem I can do on the final.

Tomnus is being as vocal as ever but other than that he's fine. Apparently he didn't want to wish me good luck this morning before I left because when I tried to get a good bye hug he bit me on the nose.
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I'm not doing much today. My boss called me to go to work and by the time I called her back 15 minutes later she had already found someone to come in.

I found a place last night that I really want to get married at but then found out its booked the day we were thinking of getting married. I wrote her back asking about 3 different days to see if they are open. We haven't set an official date, we are just thinking end of August or sometime in September 2009. This is the place.

I told my family yesterday that we are getting married and everyone was so happy. I haven't seen my grandma in such a good mood in a long time. My mom was so happy she couldn't stop smiling all day.
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Spent the morning running errands for Dottie. Got her car inspected, cashed her knitting-class check, went to have lunch with her, etc.

Have to go back to work tomorrow. You, know, work...the curse of the drinking class?
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