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I'm glad to hear that you got in to see a doctor and got some antibiotics, but I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. Now would be a good time to contact a dentist to get an appointment, while the antibiotics are at work in your system. The dentist won't be able to do any work on your teeth till the infection clears up.

I hope you get to feeling better soon, and get the proper care ASAP.

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I tried having the pharmisist call the dr. but she refused, said that particular ER dr. dont accept phonecalls from them. Anyway i went back to the ER and explained my situation. the receptionist basically laughed when i said i couldnt afford the first prescription. But the nurse was really nice and got it all taken care of. They put me on 2000mg of Cephalexin a day for 2 weeks. I already feel a bit better, at least i dont feel like i am dying now. I usually always go to wal-mart for my prescrips, my regular dr here in town is a low income based clinic and they try to make sure that the meds they prescribe are on the 4 dollar list or as close as possible to it. I am pretty lucky all my bloodpressure meds only cost me 21 a month that way. But the 89 dollar for one week of meds thing had me so upset, there is just no way i could have afforded that. Plus i was already upset and to the point where i felt like if i layed down i just wouldnt get up. I dozed off twice on the way up there and woke up in the wrong lane of traffic. I was reading on my paperwork from the dr. he listed "toothache" as the reason and my diagnosis. I DO NOT HAVE A FREAKIN TOOTHACHE! I am sick, my teeth dont hurt, the fever blisters i now have do hurt, but thats it. Its like no one will listen to me so on top of being sick i am fustrated. My boss was decent about me calling in, she just whined that three other people called in the same time i did....her fault for hiring a bunch of kids, anyway thats another story. But i figure i will find out tomorrow what she said behind my back.
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