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The hunt for the sour cream

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[size=large]Sniff sniff... what is that?

I'm going in...

Sniff sniff...(splutter splutter)

YES! It's sour cream!

HA HA, just HAD to share!
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Tamme...those are too cute!
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Cute pictures!
Yum! Are those Pierogoes with sour cream???

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hehe after Nakita's hunt for the french fries, I had do post something similar when Tigger went after my perogies. She's too cute. Yes, that's Perogies with sour crea, and french fries with ketchup, but Tigger doesn't like fries. LOL
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You need plate guards! LOL
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The last picture of Tigger with his tounge hanging out is a good one to be captioned
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ya, totally! I love the way her tongue folds. You can see the bristles on her tongue!
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YUM!!! I love perogies!! We had those last week, have you tried sauteed onions along with the sour cream???
Looks like Tigger likes them too

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I've tried the onions at a restaurant. Not a big fan... sorry. My favorite are the pizza perogies!
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Too cute Tamme!
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Love that last photo!!!
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I've got it set as my background . Sometimes you don't know what you got on your camera until you develope it eh? what a surprise to see Tigger with her tongue hanging out! ha ha and se perfectly even. lol!

"(splutter splutter)" Everytime Tigger sniffs something, she always gets a nose full! Does any of your cats do that?
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What brilliant pics! and a cat with good taste - Pierogi with sour cream - my absolutely favourite food, and I'm thrilled to see them eaten in the US and Canada. The only places you can get them here is in Polish delis or Polish restaurants or of course at my Mother's house!!

My mum makes all different ones - stuffed with either minced meat, potatos, cheese and onion (my faves), cabbage or even sweet ones stuffed with berries.

I've never had them with chips though - maybe that's one to try!!
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really Yola? EVERYTHING here is served with chips it seems. At least all big dinners like burgers and stuff. Have you ever tried Poutine? It's chips with gravy and cheese curds on top. Very delicious!
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He does't look guilty! Don't think he was!
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That;s so funnny!!
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adorable pictures, tamme!
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Awwwww.Hes cute. I never had a perogie. Lucky kitty.
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Great photo.....

Great recipe


2 c Creamed cottage cheese
4 c Flour
1 ts Baking soda
1 ts Salt
1/4 c Canola oil
1 c Warm water
2 Eggs

Cheese Whiz
Bacon bits
Ground meats
Mashed potatoes

Press cottage cheese through potato ricer or sieve.
Add to flour, baking soda and salt. Rub well together.
Mix oil, water and beaten eggs and add to flour
mixture. Knead and add more flour if needed to make a
rather sticky dough (not dry). Pinch off a piece of
dough, flatten in the palm of your hand and fill with
a mixture of mashed potato, Cheez Whiz, bacon pieces
(optional), salt & pepper to taste. Deep fry until
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Mmmm, perogies!

At the West Side Market is a stand called the Perogie Palace. They carry the traditional ones, but also about 100 other types. My favorites are lox (smoked salmon and cream cheese), chicken paprikash, bourbon chicken and hummus, eggplant and olive. I always have at least 6 in the freezer, for a fast and very tasty meal.
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Tamme, that's such a cute picture story! Tigger looks right proud of herself for her successful hunt of the sour cream. Be careful though - it's vicious when it's wounded! :LOL:
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Originally posted by Coco Maui
Cute pictures!
Yum! Are those Pierogoes with sour cream???

First of all....cute pictures Tamme!!! And secondly...I had never ever heard of Perogies until I saw that Schwans had them, and they were stuffed with mashed potatoes and cheese...so I thought I'd try them.....YUM!!!!!!! I am addicted!!! Never even thought about having them with sour cream, that sounds awesome!!!! Since I didn't know how to cook them, I just boiled them and then served them with butter. I had no idea they have them with other fillings. MMMMMM I wonder where I can get those? Schwans only has the one kind.
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Pierogies ARE yummy... We have a few brands that are sold in stores here, mainly the potato and cheese variety. I'm lucky though... my great-aunt is 100% Polish, and she makes homemade pierogies and freezes some for me!
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Debby, I usually bake them at 350 for 15 minutes. I spray them AND the pan with cooking spray first, it makes a nice glaze. The flavours usually come in potato and bacon, potato and onion, potato and cheese, umm, pizza... potato and sour cream and chives... I think there are a few more but I don't know them, usually I just get the pizza ones by Cheemo.

I hope that helps.
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Christy - OMG - you have a shop DEDICATED to pierogi? I am so, so jealous. But it has got me to thinking about it as a marketing opportunity in the UK - a whole new fast-food phenomenon . . .

Mmmmmm. I'm going to ponder this one . . .
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I boil mine until they are cooked (like pasta) then I sautee them in a frying pan with butter to make the outside golden and a little crispy, don't sautee them too long though or they will come out too tough. While they are sauteeing I add onions to the pan. Yummy! Then serve with sour cream! YUMMY!

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mmm you are a chef. Can I come to your house tonight??? LOL
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Originally posted by Yola
Christy - OMG - you have a shop DEDICATED to pierogi? I am so, so jealous. But it has got me to thinking about it as a marketing opportunity in the UK - a whole new fast-food phenomenon . . .

Mmmmmm. I'm going to ponder this one . . .
Yes, and they also carry stuffed cabbage and peroshkies (is that right? something like a filled roll?). The woman who works at the stand says they have a bunch of old Polish women who sit around and yell and fight with each other and make pierogies.

I think it would be an excellent marketing opportunity. The Pierogi Palace is one of the most popular stands, and you have to get to the market early to get the really good fillings (they usually sell out of lox quickly, as well as pepper lovers-red and green bell peppers with mozarella cheese).
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We always have a bag full of homemade perogies in my freezer. Perogies are a staple here since Rob's family are Czech and they make these by at home. I like the potatoe, cheese, and chive combo.

Thank goodness borscht is not a staple though, I hate beets!

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Christy - the stuffed cabbage is called Galambki (pronounced Gowombki), this translates literally as pidgeons - which has always amused me I do have to say the old biddies arguing like crazy whilst making pierogi SO reminds me of pre-Christmas cooking sessions at my house as a child - lol!!!!!

As for Borscht, well I love it - the only 2 kinds we get are the kosher variety in a big jar (Yum) or the Knorr dried pack soups, imported from Poland. But best of all is when my Mum makes it at Christmas I get her to make loads extra and just bring it all home with me after.

Sorry - this thread is just one big old nostalgia trip for me!!
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