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signs of labor to come soon?

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ok I know this has been posted here a ton of times and I have read it a bunch but what are some of the signs that labor would be comming soon? I don't do the temp as I am not sure how and don't have a reg. thermometer and afraid I will hurt her. LOL so that doesn't help.......

but any other signs. right now she isn't showing anything but her milk in the back 2 nipples is bagging but that is it. and her butt looked kinda poofy yesterday and today, but wouldn't think that would be a sign of anything. LOL reg. poops in the litter box and still eating a decent amt.

I have her food in a childs size bowl (the ones for babies with the suction cup on the bottom) and filled it yesterday and it was almost empty today. LOL

She is on day 60 today since I saw her mate and 61 from first day out. I am actually HOPING she has them wed or Thurs so 63/64 days since I KNOW she mated.... we camp on the weekends so PRAYING she doesn't go into labor friday night or Sat as we won't be home!!!!! If no kittens before we leave I will come home and check on her on Sat (we also have to go to a baby shower that night). and if she is showing signs of labor friday and no kittens not sure what I will do..... LOL probably stay home and send hubby and the kids but would HATE to have it be a false alarm as hubby won't be thrilled if I don't go but I am sure will understand. LOL So I will be on HIGH alert for any signs of impending labor this week. LOL
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Restless behavior. Change in behavior most times, either wanting more attention, or not wanting any at all. Nesting, digging, looking in places. Licking her "lower" areas a lot, and belly. Eating less than usual, frequent trips to the litter box confusing contractions for potty time, Belly will begin to hang lower, around her nipples her "boobs" may hang, get fuller, should be able to actually grab them sorta, she may, or may not lose her mucus plug the day of, or even 3 - 4 days before, Panting, LOTS of meowing ( calling ).

Contractions are obvious if she is short hair. if long haired, you can feel them. They start in a huge hard ball at the rib cage and then slowly work their way down. My cat had contractions for about 24 hours before the hard ones came on. I could feel them She would get up with each one and change spots like it hurt or something.

Finally, pushing will begin - They tense up, usually legs go stiff
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Molly didnt show any early signs other than the night before having them i was giving her tummy a massage and i felt that her milk had come in.. the next thing i knew she was waking me up at 5:30am meowing at me.. By this time she was in full on labour and the first kitten came out soon after..

I know its hard waiting, i was the same..
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She is always very loving and always wants attention but that is normal for her. hahaa. and now that she is locked in my room most of the time it is even more so. Right now she is in there unless I am home and I let her out for a couple hours at a time to visit with the other cats and walk around and NO signs of labor at all showing so I don't have to worry about her hiding.

She has gone in her nesting box every now and then but only like 3 times in a week that i have seen hope she has them in there and NOT on my bed. LOL (have to find something to cover my bed JIC! heehee)

the only thing so far is her milk bagging and that started last week. haven't noticed any plug or anything and not an excess amt of licking down there yet so maybe we still have a few or she will be like Emmies cat and show no signs until labor starts. oh and she is really not big at all so hard to tell if she drops or not. she is barely showing on the sides as is. I would swear false pg. if I have not felt the kicking along with about 4 other people..... LOL

We bred kittens growing up so had a few litters that I was home and awake for so I do remember the contractions and her having the kittens but didn't remember much from before that she was getting ready besides her looking for my dad since she would NOT have them with out him home. LOL one time I remember him walking in the door and her going nuts running up and down the stairs calling him. after the 2nd time or so he followed her and she jumped up on his bed and with in a couple min the first kitten was out. LOL poor girl was holding on all day till he got in from work. LOL
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I'm still waiting as well. I am being so impatient. I want her to have her babies, i thought for sure she would have them on Mothers Day and they would be Mother's Day kitties, still not. My cat is always very affectionate too, however she is being overly affectionate lately the last 2 days. She is scratching up her birthing box, and I keep re-arranging her blankets and towels in there. waiting waiting...
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Sylvie had a nervous look in her eyes, and absolutely did not want me to leave the room!
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I once had a cat, 11 years ago, who got out of our apartment. I had no idea she was pregnant until a couple of weeks before delivery. On Christmas Eve, we were at my hubby's parents' house for dinner and gift opening stuff, and didn't get home till just before midnight. We walked in the door and I could smell poo. Well, she had pooed and it got all over tail. Within 5 minutes of cleaning her up and my furniture, she went to the closet and laid down on a blanket, and started to push. Good thing we weren't out of town visiting my parents, cuz she pushed out 4 babies very quickly. All healthy and happy
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ok she is just starting to act a little weird today. her back is twitching but I can tell it isn't contractions as her belly isn't getting hard. but after it twitches she starts to clean herself, mainly her pays or back or tail but not underneath at all but the top of her tail. LOL And she is starting to look a bit more restless but not a ton. still no discharge so sure I still have a few days left.
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I think about this topic alot. I know that when I had my two kids, I was in the "nesting" phase for a few weeks before delivery. I made sure things were completely finished, like paying bills, stocking up on food, chores, dusting...and these things were done daily..just in case! With animals, they also show nesting. In cats I'm sure you've read, they prepare for the birth by finding a suitable spot for delivery. They will be all over the place looking for the perfect secluded spot. I think once you see her doing that fairly often during the day, you should be close
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yeah she hasn't done that at all but she is locked in my small room with a box under my nightstand for her to have them in or my bed. LOL other than that there is my tv stand that has her litter box in it and floor space. we have a water bed with a solid base so she cant' go under there. LOL so no place to really "search" to have them...... LOL

but I know she is 61 days at the latest and 62 the earliest since she was only out those 2 days and I saw her mating 61 days ago....... so either way it should be with in the next week.... I just wanted to really watch for signs more for if she doesn't have them by the time we leave on Friday....

But then agian I never nested with any of my 3 girls either. hahaa.
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My Coco picked Moving Day to have her Kittens so I had to leave her behind.
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It is possible that my Lily is pregnant, and will deliver around the day we're moving, July 1st...but, we should be ok since we will have possession of the house 3 weeks prior to leaving our current house. I can move her to the new house a week before the real move as I will be there daily moving things in with my van. It's going to be interesting that 3 of the 5 cats I have don't know any other home besides this one. I know they'll love the new house, lots of room there, twice the size of this one
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skewch---- oh GL with that! we moved here and my 3 cats that we had at the time had really only lived at our house since they were babies. They were nervous at first and one found a room and hid in the corner for a bit but then they all adjusted and love it here. We got Angel after we lived here. she was from a neighbors cat that they were told was fixed when they got her....... well she wasn't. LOL then she found a home and they brought her back with in a week or two and my daughter saw her and brought her home for us to see (after we said no more pets. LOL) and my now 5 yr old saw her and fell in love so we agreed for the little one that wuved her and wanted to keep her (she was 2 1/2 at the time) LOL.
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Yeah the things we do for our kids, hey? I know that last year for our anniversary, my hubby decided to get me a new kitten. We went and looked and we couldn't decide which one to pick. So he said why not get 2 LOL so we did.

Then this fall, we decided on a devon, got addicted and had to have another the next month I have 5 now, but I know for sure that there will be at least one of my offspring of the devons I will want to keep. I don't think my husband will turn away from it, they don't shed, how much more work is 6 when you already have 5?? Oh and he has a soft spot for babies too

I'll be keeping watch to see if your momma has ber babies....but I am thinking she'll wait till Sunday night when you're back in town

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You did get your puppy, yeah... I'm so sorry to hear about your dog, but yeah, on your new sweet puppy and the new kitty's!!!!

I nested with all my kids, but for months, lol maybe I am just a Little ocd.. lol okay i am a little ocd.
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LOL yes we were approved for our puppy. just waiting for her to be spayed and of course the humane society that is there has clinic EVERY tue but NOT this tue!!!!! LOL and the vets in that area don't do pediactric spays...... so he was trying other routes but thinking he had no luck as he was going to let me know if anything came up and I didn't hear from him. so she will most likely get spayed next Tue and be home the 24-26th. YEAH!!!!!!!! so we will have baby kittens and a new puppy at the same time. should be a busy household. LOL

well I hope either she waits or has them before we leave. I am only 20 min away so no problem running home to check on her on Sat. hehee. and if no kittens by then you will be sure i will either run home Sun or make hubby leave camping early. LOL Wed is day 63.... and Friday when we leave is day 65 then not home till day 67 so not sure she can make it till then. LOL she has plenty of room to grow but with a small litter I don't hear many that seem to go that long......

but who knows. still no real signs.... so guessing wed at the earliest but probably not till after the weekend or ON the weekend so I can fret all weekend!!!!!!!! LOL
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here are some bitty belly pictures from 62 days...... I think she looks TINY to me. the one from the side she is bigger but think alot is her milk bagging up. LOL

don't mind my colored door. my 5 yr old loved to decorate and we took her old room and gave the 2 younger girls the bigger room and we haven't repainted it yet. LOL
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Just had to comment on the walls. That is hilarious. My now, 13 year boy wrote on everywall of every home we ever lived in (my husband was in the army) so we been around. Not to mentioned he wrote on my sister-in-laws wall papered formal dining room when he was old enough to know better. How embarrassing. He still says he never did it, yeah right!!haha.
Her belly looks very plump and healthy to me however she is petite. My breeder says that most Sphynx go closer to 70 days. I think every cat is different. Good vibes your way.lele
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I can see the "baggy" of her milk coming in. Any time now
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oh and about the walls. Ooooh I'd be so mad!!!! - My 2 year old will do that, IF she gest her hands on a pen, marker, crayon, etc. I usually have them put high and away, but once in a while the kids leave them down after home work and she gets into them. Yay for magic eraser!
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I hear ya! we were NOT pleased at all. then finally got her out of the habit and her and her 3 yr old sister just wrote ALL over thier beds yesterday!!!!! NO clue where they found the markers since I also keep them ALL put away! I don't even LIKE reg. markers or crayons in my HOUSE after all that!!!!!! LOL Thinking they got into their older sisters room and took them from there.

She has been bagging since last Sun but just bags more and more..... LOL
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Very beautiful cat, she looks so content..

I was LoL about the writing on the wall my 5 year old son was like that, wrote all over anything and everything he could.. what an artist..
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for the most part she is very content and showing NO signs of labor at all. hahaa! she does try to claw her way out of my room every so often and ran out with hubby this morning. GRRRRRRRRR but for the most part she is happy ni there. I was letting her out here and there when I was home and knew there were no signs of labor but think I will stop that as she seems to want out MORE if I do that......
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Those are definitely happy boobies! I at least know what they're supposed to look like when a cat is expecting. By the sounds of things, you'd think I'd never been through this...I just never paid close attention I guess.

If the milk is in, then I would suspect soon I wish you all the luck.

Oh, and the writing on the walls thing....don't think it's over when they turn 5....my son wrote phone numbers on his wall....he was 16 when we caught him....lazy I'll tell ya!! We had to mudd and sand and repaint because they were pressed in the wall...oh I was so mad! Tell the kids they are gonna have to write with their fingernails the next time they do it LOL. I used a larger threat to my son, but we won't go there LOL

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Susan---- LOL on the threat....

Ok only "new" thing today is where around her nipples is bald at least on the back are now very puffy themselves so looks like they are really starting to fill up and not just the ducts....... but then again she is 63 days so this is to be expected. but I was really hoping she would go today or tomorrow!!!!!! OR at least wait till Sun when we get home from camping. LOL so far no real signs that it will be with in the next 2 days. haven't seen any discharge stil and not a massive amt of licking etc. This morning she was acting a bit funny when she was laying on the floor and not the bed but that is about it.....

Oh what type of litter is recommended????? I Know not to use clumping which is what I had in there for now till she was closer. so I am heading out to the store today so have to get more. just a reg. clay non clumping????

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Most everywhere I read they suggest shredded paper. I used what I always did. Not sure how wrong that was of me, but I didnt see the point as I am a stay at home mom and would have noticed her in labor and did. lol
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if you can find one, get one of the corn or wheat based clumping litters, like World's Best Cat Litter, Swheat Scoop, or the Arm & Hammer High Performance [i think it's ok]. those won't hurt the babies if they eat it [babies sometimes will...].
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ok she is almost to day 64 and I wish she would have these babies soon. I am starting to worry! LOL she has had a false preg before (or maybe a miscarriage and absorbed them not sure which). so now I try to feel the babies every day but since I have only felt them in 2 spots (one on each side but not at the same time so maybe only 1 baby?) I don't feel them all the time. but I worry when I don't feel them kicking when I check her belly and wonder if they are no longer living etc. There are times she looks smaller to me and I wonder if she absorbed them (would think too big now. LOL)........

UGH I am going to drive myself insane for the next 1-5 days till she has them!!!!!!! LOL
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She's a beauty! I can only imagine how beautiful her litter will be! Any idea what the dad looks like?
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the dad is a long hair I think he was white (but looked like maybe a very very very light cream....) with a black strip on his head. heehee (well kinda strpey spot) but there was also a brown tabby around but she didn't seem interested in him one day when I was out chasing her trying to catch her because she got out and he tried to come up to her as she spat at him and ran away from him. and I got her that day......

Ok think I have convinced myself that I am just crazy on feeling kicks and maybe she is just having a really LONG false pg. LOL I still think she is soooooo tiny for being due and yesterday I only felt one "movement" and felt more like a kitten moving from under my fingers and that was it.... UGH!
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