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Heat period meowing...going crazy!

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Hello everyone. I am new to this board and I have 2 beautiful girls named Twinkle, who is 4 years old, and Cleo, who is 8-9 months old. The topic of my thread is Cleo, and I apologize if this has already been address in another thread.

Cleo has gone into her first heat cycle over the last week. I am not familiar with the logistics of the reproductive cycle of my cats as Twinkle was spayed when I adopted her, and Cleo is driving me up the wall with her incessant yowling at all hours of the night. I have lost sleep because of her caterwauling and I was wondering if any of you lovely people might have some sort of 'home remedy' that might alleviate my problem.

In terms of her heat, I don't mind it for the most part (although she is also spraying!! ) I would just like some peace from the wailing until I can get her spayed.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi there-

She is old enough to be spayed, and if she is heat, I urge you to take her in and get her done. If she gets outside somehow, she will be mated with as tis the season. The vet will charge a little bit extra for the procedure, but she will be better off for having it, and so will your ears. I do recall that Ken gave instructions on how to pet a cat in heat to stop the problem let me see if I can find that for you.
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I know what you mean! But if she's been in season almost a week, she will be finished soon. You'll be able to make an appointment for her spaying. If she's still in heat, the vet will charge more. She's very nervous, so try to give her lots of attention.
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invest in ear plugs and put their lights on a timer to wake them in the morning. I agree with the others. Spaying is the best solution and will keep your kitty healthier. They can get all sorts of life threatening illnesses when they are not spayed.
Best of luck with the yowling, as they can come back into heat in as little as 2 weeks.
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I thank you all for your input!! I really appreciate it!

In terms of getting her spayed, I will most definitely get it done, I am just a little tight with money right now and I called my vet and he wants $300 to do the procedure (which is a lot of money that I just don't have right now).

So basically I am waiting for payday to get CleoBob fixed.

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Go to the phone book and find another vet immediatly!!! I have never heard of such an outradgous price for a spay! My kitty was spayed two months ago and it ran about $50. This is not the price you should have to pay for a spay. Contact the SPCA and see if they are running a special on spaying. They usually will do it very inexpencivly.
Good luck!
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Elenyae try this link!

Spay Canada
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Holy Cow! I can't believe anyone would charge $300 for spaying! Geez...what a rip off!
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$300??? Indeed! lol

Was that a quote including a spay while in heat, shots, blood tests, fecal test the whole 9 yards for desease screening? Or JUST for the spay?

Good luck!
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We too used the ear-plug method to drown out Zoe's yowls until we could afford to de-sex her.

In Australia, where I am, $300 is about how much is costs to get a female cat de-sexed, slightly less for a male.

I think that if it was cheaper, more people would be responsible pet owners...
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
$300??? Indeed! lol

Was that a quote including a spay while in heat, shots, blood tests, fecal test the whole 9 yards for desease screening? Or JUST for the spay?

Good luck!
The $300 is JUST the spay, not to mention all of the other things you mentioned. And the receptionist had the gall to try to sell me on Laser Surgery for the procedure, which would have tacked another $100 on top of the price!

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I can only hope that your dollar is worth less than ours, because that would be an extremely high price in the U.S. As a point of comparison, how much does a loaf of bread cost in Australia? And what is the minimum wage? Ours is $5.15 an hour, and bread costs between $1 and $1.79, depending on brand and type.
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Hey, I don't question it one bit! Here in Denver the cost for a spay is around $200 (I called all kinds of vets, that's the going rate), the LOW COST program is $55, plus shots and exam. Male neuters run around $100. I'm not kidding.

Elenyae, you're right, if they brought the cost down to something reasonable more people would be responsible pet owners.
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Three hundred dollars for a spay is not excessive in Canada. Did that price include pain killer, fluids or pre-surgical bloodwork? Where I work the cost of a spay is: 1)operation is $225.00
2) fluids $18.00
3) pain killer $15.00
4) optional bloodwork $62
5) optional microchip $69
We are also two years behind in pricing compared to other clinics. As well, the humane society no longer offers reduced priced spay/neuter or veterinary care to the public.
Hope this helps people in other countries!
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Just FYI, I did a currency converter for us Americans who can't do math $300 Canadian dollars is $204.08 American, so it's about the same price as in my area.
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Yes the Canadian dollar is worth less than the US dollar.

I had Bailey spayed recently, the bill for an adult spay was just over $300 including the gst. That included pre-op blood screen, anasthetic, IV fluids, pain medication, overnight stay, and follow up check up 10 days later. My vet is a friend, I don't begrudge the money, I could afford it. She did explain that the fee quoted by other vets often does not inlcude everything, so the total may be close to the same if you add everything together.

She does spays for the SPCA, and their discount rate is $80.00, but does not include anything except the actual surgery.
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That is alot of money for a spay...I would try another vet or even a humane society...they will do it for a lower price...I am getting Fluff done on the 14th and her vet is charging us $48 and that's it..
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I protest!!!

It did not cost me $300 to get Esper spayed and that was only recently!! It cost $145!!! And that included follow up visits as well. And this was from the ONLY vet in town.

Russell cost me $75 to get neutered and this was in a country vet and I was expecting to pay double this as I was well outside of the metropolitan area.

In addition to this places like the Cat Shelter offer cheaper fees ranging from $20 to $80 depending on whether they are doing a special. They often advertise in the newspapers.

And all prices mentioned are in Australian dollars so just half the prices for an approximate value in the US dollar.
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