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I'm getting anxious

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I start school in one week. I'm excited/nervous. I'll be going four nights a week. Hopefully a can keep up with all the homework. One of my classes is Math so that should keep my pretty busy trying to figure out all those algebra problems.
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Im sure you will do just fine. You can always come here for homework issues, too.

I bet Popsie is going to miss you.
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Aw! I was always a little excited at the start of a new semester... yeah, that excitement more often than not faded after syllabus week (at psu we call the first week of classes "syllabus" week cuz that's basically all you do that week - go over the syllabus... it's usually a week long campus-wide party at night, which hangs over - no pun intended lol - into the following day)... good luck! What are you going to school for (not like a rhetorical question haha, I mean what degree/major/certificate)?
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Good luck with school.

I'm awful at math- still struggling with learning addition and subtraction of fractions- and have been trying to refresh myself with it before I take my placement test. I'm starting to think I should just take a basic math course before taking the test. It may help me in the long run.
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