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Nursing cat and fleas, please help

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I'm at a bit of a loss here. I have an outdoor cat coming in and out of my apartment to nurse her three baby kittens, which have taken up residence in my bathroom. The kittens are three weeks old and desperately need to be rid of fleas, but mom has them too. I know I can wash the babies with soap and water, but I will literally have to do this daily because mother will keep reinfesting them and I don't know of any products safe for a nursing mother.

Also, I have my own strictly indoor cat. I don't want her to get fleas either; I've recently been laid off my job and if one of those kittens becomes sick from anemia I'm going to be in the hole with vet bills.

Not sure what to do. I have to get this under control before it becomes a big issue. Help!
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First, mom cat needs to be kept inside or she'll get pregnant again while nursing.

If the babies have fleas, mom, & your cat, have fleas. Your entire house probably has fleas, unfortunately. I had 3 foster kittens bring them home last year & I had to treat all my indoor only cats.

I would treat both adult cats with a flea prevantive from your vet for at least 3 months straight. OTC flea meds are harmful, and even lethal. As for the babies, I'm no help, so someone else should be along to help on that count!
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If you are not seeing them on your carpet then you may be able to get away with just flea combing them. Dip the flea comb in Dawn dish soap and then comb all over the babies, the mom and your own cat.

You also HAVE to keep the momma cat inside, if something happened to her out there you would have to bottle feed these babies which is very costly. I hope mom is eating high quality kitten food as she needs it! She can also become pregnant and probably already is by going in and out. She can't go out anymore until her babies are weaned at 12 weeks and she can be spayed. They offer low cost and ever free options just search your area and call your shelter to ask. If you cannot afford to keep the mom in and spay her you might want to call a local no kill shelter to help and possible take them in to find good homes. They will just continue to add to the overpopulation problem if they continue to go in and out and don't get fixed. (The babies can be fixed at 8-12 weeks)
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The mother cat is being spayed via a free program, but I cannot keep her inside at all times, god help me. She's a stray and goes berserk if she's in for more than an hour, and if it were my house it would be my choice, but I don't think my apartment management will like the hole she's torn in the carpeting. >< I have an outdoor crate we made for her, she isn't getting pregnant any time soon. =)

Ugh. I'm resigned. I guess I'll just order a ton of Revolution, the kittens can use it in a few weeks anyhow. I wanted to go the holistic route since I don't have a lot of money and in general I keep a flea-free household so my pet doesn't need harsh chemical preventatives, but I have nightmare flashbacks of my cat almost dying of anemia as a little one.
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