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A walk in the park

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After waking up at 5.30 this morning, I was ready to close my eyes and relax again about 10.00am,but as it was such a nice day the wife had other plans, so off we whent for a strole to a national trust park. Here are a few odd pics. It worked out quite well going early as it was packed out by the afternoon, mostly German and American tourists

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I so live in the wrong country. Beautiful pictures!
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Your photos are stunning! Nice to put a face to the username too
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Very nice pictures
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Wow, beautiful pictures!!! I love them all.
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To be honest I think we all have something special where we live, or most of us do. I was looking at some pics of Pelicans which Cheryl posted and thought OMG! what I would give to get shots like that. Most of the birds local to my nearest beaches are Seagulls, or should I say pests as most of them frequent the towns and citys nowadays. The wife and I might well join up with the National Trust, as a £34 yearly membership gives you free admission to over 300 houses and gardens in the uk and some places in europe as well.

PS. you mean to say you have never seen my mugshot before Jaffacake?
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You are one heck of a photographer - ever think of trying professional????
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Wonderful pics - look like old masters paintings, such quality!!! Makes me want to jump on an airplane and hop across the pond!!! I wouldn't have ANY problems convincing my BF to do that!!!
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Those are some very nice pictures and one reason I miss Europe. There is always something to do.

How did you get the borders on your pictures?
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aaaah home sweet home. Nice to finally see you!!
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Lovely pictures!
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