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Will neutering fix this?? Please help.

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I took in a stray a few weeks back and he seems to be doing quite well. He has gained a few pounds already and his wound has healed perfectly. He is a very well mannered cat and doesn't get along great with my other cats, but they don't fight and I believe that once they are able to live together in the same place, they will quickly get used to each other. My problem is that I'm having some financial problems and money is really tight right now. I want to keep him, but am worried that neutering him might not solve these problems.
The first problem in that if I let him out of the bathroom for some excersise, he will go right over to anything that belong to my cats (toys, scratchpad, ect) and pee on it. He doesn't hiss on fight with the other two, he just pees on their things. Why is he doing this and how can I get him to stop?? He's constantly locked in the bathroom now because I don't want him peeing everywhere but I feel bad about it.
The other thing he does, is when I am sitting on the floor with him, sometimes he seems to get very aggitated and will lunge at me, grab my throat, leg, anything, with his teeth and start humping my leg. It was a little scary they first time he bit my throat because I didn't know what he was doing, but once I figured what was going on, it seems a little gross. Will he stop this once he's neutered? And what's making him do this??
Sorry the post is so long. I hope you guys can help.
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What is making him do this is him not being neutered. Unneutered males can be very unpleasant. I would not wait as it takes a good 1-2 months for the bad behaviors and attitude to even leave his system after he is neutered. There are low cost clinics all over the place. Here there are many clinics that only cost $25 for a male. Call your local shelters and ask for help and see if they have any low cost clinics or mobile clinics too.
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I was hoping that neutering would fix everything. We do have a low cost spay program, but it still costs $70 for a male. I'm working on saving up the money. I'm hoping to get him neutered my the end of the month.
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It may not fix everything; but it will sure help. What is going on with the peeing is territory marking. It may take a while for that to quit.
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$70 for low cost?? Good lord, that's a price for most vets here. There is no SPCA or even the state vets that come around that are cheaper? I would be broke if not for the nice SPCA we have here in Central Fl with 5 cats, shots and all cost around $55 on a female!

I wish you luck with him, we have a stray that we maybe taking in ourselves. Gray seems to have adopted my husband.
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The low cost neuter program is through the SPCA. Around here it costs about $150 to neuter a cat at a regular vet and at least $200 for a female.
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