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New Momma Cat Bowel Habits

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Hello, I took in a stray cat 5 weeks ago that wound up being pregnant and had 10 kittens, 9 of whom survived. She is very friendly and is definitely not feral, but she was on her own for awhile.

I have been feeding her kitten food and wet cat food the whole time and have not had her de-wormed because the vet said he does not deworm pregnant cats until their kittens have been weaned off her milk. It seems like she has diarrhea or soft stools every day although she has never missed her litter box. Her stool is a dark brownish/blackish color, but not solid except for the few times I gave her adult cat food.

Is this likely due to the parasites in her intestine, or is this abnormal? Is the kitten food/wet cat food messing up her digestive system? I plan on taking her and the kittens to the vet in 2 weeks, which will be when the kittens are one month old.

Also, I have not seen any kitten poop in the box they are living in. I assume momma is taking care of that by licking their behinds, which I see her doing all the time. At what point will the kittens start pooping on their own?

She is getting fatter and fatter as I feed her this kitten food and otherwise seems completely healthy even though she is nursing 9 kittens.

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Any suggestions?
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There is a forum pregnant cats and kittens just below this one. Maybe you'll have better luck if you move the question there.
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