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Stray cat trying to adopt me - please help!

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There are quite a few stray cats in my neighborhood and being the animal lover that I am, I tend to pet whoever isn't afraid of me. This has led to one sweet orange cat deciding that he wants to adopt me, or so it seems. He spends most of his day hanging outside my door, meowing if he sees or hears me, and purring and jumping in my lap if I come outside to pet him. It's breaking my heart because he seems like he would be the perfect house cat since he's so tame, but I am not ready to make the commitment and the majority of my family members are allergic to cats (I live alone but they visit often).

I don't know what to do and I really need some advice. My heart goes out to him. He is so sweet. Is there a way to develop a relationship with a stray cat without them becoming dependent? Should I be looking into no-kill shelters that might be able to find him a home? Or should I be ignoring him so we can both move on? Please share whatever advice or stories you might have! I really appreciate it!
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Please do not start ignoring this cat. It may lead to trust issues if you can find someone that will give him a home, worrying that he will eventually just be ignored by them.
It is nice that you are considering visiting family, but if you want this cat, which seems like he wants to be your perfect companion, I would just vacuum more often, and shut him away when they visit.
If I am not being too nosy, may I ask why you do not want to commit to him? He sounds like a lovely boy. If you just cannot keep him, please find him a good home. It sounds like he may be an abandoned pet if he is that tame. No-kill shelters are also an option if there is one in your area, but sadly, they are becoming fewer and farther between. Please let us know what happens with you and him. I am sure if anyone here can help, they will.
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Oh, I forgot, welcome to TCS. We are always glad to have new members. Do you have any photos of this sweet boy that you could post? It might help in getting him placed if you decide that you just cannot keep him.
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Thanks for the reply! I will try to remember to take some pictures of him tomorrow when we're bonding. He is so cute - today he was waiting for me out front when I drove up. It's not that I don't want to take him in, because I really really do. Part of my concern is that I rent my apartment and I'm very afraid my landlord won't let me have a cat. I'm planning to talk to her about it soon but no pets was part of the original deal. I also travel a lot so that is my one apprehension about making the commitment. I know that cats are a lot less work than dogs, but I would hate to have to board it when I'm out of town.

Quick question: do outdoor cats adapt to using the litter box when they're taken inside? I really don't know much about making that transition.

Pics will come soon! Thanks!
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Would you be willing to foster him until he is adopted? If so, contact a local no-kill shelter & explain the situation. (Make sure your landlord is OK with you having a cat, first)

Many people, myself included, have taken in outdoor cats. They usually adjust to the litterbox quickly. Some require the use of dirt until they figure out what litter is for.
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I also travel a lot so that is my one apprehension about making the commitment.
Travel a lot - we travel a lot also but we are usually not gone for very long at a time. Our four kitties do okay here in the house for a couple of days {72 hours max}. If we are going to be gone longer than that we have neighbors come in a put fresh water and food out. . . the cat box can get rather rank if it goes longer than two or three days so we will put out an extra littler pans to prevent that nasal knock out effect caused by untended to cat boxes. Besides when the cat boxes get too full the cats won't use them and begin to use the sink, tub house plants ect. . .

My husband and travel less than we once did For a couple of years there we went out of town almost monthly for three to five day stretches. I have known truck drivers who owned their own trucks and took the kitty with them on the road.

So much depends upon the situation and kitty temperament. {age too}

Do what you can to find a nice home, or find a no kill shelter who will take the cat in . Because of lack of funding most in this area charge if is your cats but will take in strays with out a charge. Now that I understand more about no-kill shelters I would encourage offering them a decent donation even if the cat isn't yours. Most are on a shoe string budget as it is.

At least keep being friends with the orange baby - please do not ignore the cat's offering of friendship Gosh sounds like some one this cat loved already abandon him once.
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I've taken in both a six month old feral cat years ago, and recently two about 6-7 week old feral kittens. All three took right to the litterbox right away, with no accidents at all.

However an unneutered adult male may have issues with spraying, and those issues are not always completely corrected with neutering. But the urine doesn't smell nearly as strong after they're neutered.
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