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The Tubby and the seemingly Anorexic.

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Hey all--
I have sort of a dilemma. One of my cats, Toby, is on the obese side and is only getting bigger. I *really* want to put him on a diet, however, Trina, my other cat, looks practically anorexic and DOES NOT need to lose weight. They're both free-fed because I'm a working college student.

I find that when I limit Toby's food, he'll scarf down the next thing I give it and promptly throw it back up. Le sigh.

So this is what I'm thinking..
I bought some Lite Science Diet Hairball formula as well as a few cans of kitten food. I'll free-feed the science diet, and then give Trina 1/4th of the can of kitten food.. she won't eat more than that, anyway, since she strangely prefers dry food.

1)Think that will work?
2)Has anyone had success, feeding their cat the reduced fat and calories thinger?
3)Will that be enough for miss Trina? She's barely seven pounds.
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Dry food can actually lead to weight gain in cats.
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I noticed. But, as I mentioned, if I put him on scheduled feeding, he tends to eat so quickly that he throws it back up again, a binge and purge if you will. And because of my hectic schedule, it would be VERY difficult to try and feed him 6-7 small meals a day or whatnot.
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Raising the food bowl a few inches by standing it on something will slow him down and can help prevent vomiting after eating - it's worth a go
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Are there places that Trina can get to where Toby can't? With my cats, I found I was able to free feed the skinnier cat by putting the food up high (others have rigged a box with an opening only big enough for the small cat or rigged a closet door so the gap is too small for the big cat). The heavier cat can then be given a measured portion, but try using a treat ball (like these: http://www.arcatapet.com/item.cfm?cat=6835) to dispense the food. That forces the kitty to eat more slowly and get some exercise. Just make sure you snap it closed securely and show the kitty how it works.
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Hmmm I'm not sure how this would work, primarily because Trina would probably play with it like mad(the one who doesn't need it) and Toby wouldn't get anything to eat. That, and we have problems with ants already..

Do you think what I'm currently doing will be effective?
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My experience has been that for an overweight cat, free-feeding won't work. It works fine for the thinner and normal weight ones, but the hefty kitties don't understand how to regulate their food intake and will eat as long as food is available. Also, the light foods tend to be higher in carbohydrates--my heavy boy Odo gains weight just looking at carbs. I've found that I can regulate his weight pretty well by mainly using canned and feeding him a measured amout of dry food. Since your kitty tends to scarf the dry food, you can try spreading it out on a platter or tray, or you can try putting a golf ball in the food dish, so he has to eat around it.
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