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Fearful for my Fresh Carpet!

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Hey all--
I read the improper urination thread(most of it anyway) and my situation wasn't really in there, so! Here's my issue:

My cat Toby has had peeing problems in the past. He used to go on the carpet in my room all the time, but lately has switched to using my shower instead. He's been seen by a vet and does not have a UTI problem; this is peeing, not spraying; he's fixed.

Every day, we'll find a nice trail of yellow down the tub, and it really grosses me out. Anyway, we're moving soon, and I'm really worried because we're keeping him and Trina out of the bathroom this time; is he going to transfer back to carpet? There is carpet EVERYWHERE in this one(currently I have hard floors except for in my room), and I really, REALLY don't want my place to reek--even cleaning using Nature's Miracle and such with steam cleaners doesn't do the trick, it still smells horrible in my room.


We're also getting a new couch because Trina, back when she was unaltered, decided that'd be a good place to mark. I *think* that behavior has stopped since her spay, but should I be worried? I LOVE this new couch...


Oh, also, they have one covered cat box, and one uncovered--they tend to use the covered one more strangely enough. One is out of the way(the one they don't use as often), and one is smack in the center of the living room(which they use a lot). Hmm.

Two days ago we switched to Fresh Step, multi-cat clumping litter(Toby has never liked the nature's pine stuff or the stuff that's more like dirt--it gets everywhere anyway), and we didn't find a trail in the bathroom these past two days. Think it'll stick, or is it too early to tell?
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Hi! Some cats don't like sharing litter boxes or one will guard it so that the other one can't use it or is to afraid to go and use it, therefore they find somewhere else! I would suggest getting another covered box if thats what they like. Put it in another room that is just as 'convinient' for them and that maybe well do the trick. Fingers crossed. I'm sorry but had to chuckle though, I had an image of you in your living room watching t.v but with kitties loo pride of place in centre of room, maybe they just like an audience?
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