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Kitty gas gauge?

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My mother swore that you could tell how near a cat was to full of food or water by the position of its tail. She said when the cat first comes to the bowl, its tail will be off the floor. But as it gets closer and closer to full, the tail will slowly come down to the floor.

Don't think that works on my cats...but then, when are they ever seriously hungry or thirsty?
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Huh, I've never payed attention to Popsie's tail while he's eating. I'll have to check it out.
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LOL yeah I had noticed with my boys - they run towards the bowls with their tails straight up showing their excitement at being fed - then their tails move down as they are filling up - strange you mention it because I had noticed mine do that and was just thinking about it watching them eat earlier
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Hmm, I`m going to have to check now
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You may be right. When mine come to drink after playing outside, their tails are down on the floor. As the cats drink their tails do go up like a gauge.
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Yep. I have noticed it too. Cleo's tail is ALWAYS in the air but when he eats it slowly goes down.
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