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Chynna is 16 years old!!!

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My sweet girl turns 16 years sometime this month!

For those that don't know Chynna's story....

I lived in a high rise building situated between 2 very busy streets. Someone abandoned a beautiful white kitty in the stairwell when they moved out. The security guards found her and put her in the party room and looked after her for a week while they advertised for her family. No one claimed her so they put her outside It was in May and it was still cold outside

I heard meowing all night long outside my bedroom window and I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. The next day I was leaving to go to work and I heard meowing when I went outside. I saw that sweet white kitty shaking in the bushes I chased her through the bushes and she ran, finally she stopped and let me catch her.

A lady who was leaving at the same time as I was took me upstairs to give me some doggy kibble to feed her. I had planned on putting her in my apartment for the day and then taking her to the Humane Society that evening. The poor thing was so hungry that she was eating while I walked back to my apartment.

I got home that afternoon to find her sleeping on my bed. I picked her up and she put her front legs around my neck and started to give me nose kisses and purred up a storm! That was it. She adopted me and there was no way I was going to turn her away. She's been with me 15 years. And it's been the best 15 years!

She's such a love bug and her disposition is the best of any cat I've ever met. She is such a people kitty and will let anyone hold her and she will give them nose kisses

Last month I nearly lost her due to my inability to afford a dental procedure, but Chynna's Guardian Angel was watching over her. She is now nearly toothless, but she's still here and she's still having her kitten moments of tearing around the house.

Happy Birthday my baby girl!
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What a lovely "gotcha" story. Happy Birthday, sweet Chynna.
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Awww, Happy Birthday Chynna!
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Happy Birthday sweet, beautiful Chynna!
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, Chynna!
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happy birthday Chynna.!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday Chynna!!!

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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
What a lovely "gotcha" story. Happy Birthday, sweet Chynna.

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Happy Bday Chynna.
Her and Coco are very close in age.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet Chynna!
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happy birthday!
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Awww the way she adopted you is sooooooooo sweet Its very very similar to the way Easy adopted me.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!
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Awwwww What a sweet story Happy Birthday sweet girl
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What a wonderful story! I'm so glad she found you. Happy Birthday sweet little girl!
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That is so cute. Happy Birthday Chynna.
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Happy Birthday Chynna!!!!! You are a very lucky girl having a mother who loves you so much

Here's some for many more happy years to come
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I never knew Chynna's whole story- thankyou for sharing with us Happy birthday prettty girl!!!
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Oh i missed this because i usually see the birthdays in fur pics with a picture Her story was so touching

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That story was precious! 16 beautiful years!! How wonderful Happy belated birthday sweet Chynna!!
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That`s such a sweet story!

Happy Birthday Chynna!
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