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Cat Friendly

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Just wanted some advice on kittens. I have 4 young cats, ranging from 4 to 8months. The two males get along great with each other & they are both trying to bond with the 2 females (4 months each) that just came into the
family only 2 wks ago. The girls are super people friendly, however, they do play with each other, on occasions, but they still hiss and pull their ears back whenever one of them or the males try to get to close to play. They do chase them to play, but when the moment of "touch" arrives they begin to hiss and swat. Does anyone think this will get better with time ? No one ever gets hurt or scratched. My hope is that the females grew up together they will eventually get more cat friendly like the boys. Any opinions would be appreciated. The males were neutered many months ago and the females were just spayed about 4 days ago. Just hoping that eventually, with time they will all be able to play and wrestle like the two males do.

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If they are running and chasing together, and if no actual fighting is taking place, they will almost certainly adjust to each other. It may take a few weeks, or only a few days.
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You could rub them all down with a bit of vanilla extract so they all smell the same. I've seen this method used before and it actually worked.
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