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Sunday! What's on Your Agenda

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Morning All!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's (cat Mom's as well) out there

Cloudy here, looks like we will be getting some rain later today, warm though.

Heading off to work shortly, am planning on a short day so hope to be done by 3 at the latest.

Nothing special planned for afterwards, maybe go to Walmart and the Farmer's Market.

Kitties are great this morning, watching some birds right now.

Everyone have a great day
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I'm at work again...yuck. After here I will run, pick up some flowers, and visit my mom at the cemetery.

I have to clean the floor (again) once I get home. Someone left a surprise I stepped in and only noticed once I got outside.

I also need to clean my room, wash the curtains, and try to get some yard work done.

I will take a nap today sometime! I have to. I'm exhausted.
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i've got load's of housework to do! then i need to decide, what i want for dinner LOL!
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naff all sounds great too me
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Well I read the paper, put away the clean dishes from the dishwasher, spackled coat #2 on the nailholes and talked with mom and my sister.

I loaded Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 and am looking at all the cool features!!

But Am tired and sore again from yardwork. Will organize garden shed and pot up some lily bulbs. Its drizzling outside so I can't do to much outdoors. Perhaps read a book, take a nap this afternoon!!
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My goodness! You all seem to be working! I am being treated like a princess this Mother's Day. Oh, wait, I am a princess until our daughter is home from college and then I am the queen.

Anyway, today we are going to an SF Giants baseball game. Our team is the Oakland A's but they are out of town. I love baseball! DH didn't realize that what I wanted to do on Mother's Day was to go to a ball game. I mean, it took him 3 years and me telling him that I wanted to see a ball game for him to realize that the mother of his children preferred a game to a brunch.

Happy Mother's Day to all!
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Too rainy and windy here to be doing the things I'd really like to--but my top priority is to get out and find a lovely flowering bush to buy, to plant in honor of my mom, who passed away almost 2 years ago--miss her incredibly. Everyone whose mom is still living, appreciate every moment you get to spend with her--time is precious. My own daughter is going to be cooking a meal for me, so that's one thing I DON'T have to worry about today!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you with either 2-legged or 4-legged kids!!!
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Woke up around 11, yay! I got to sleep in I made some breakfast for Rob & I, spent some time with my NC kitties I dont get to see often (Chassis is sleeping on the bed behind me ). Rob is out fixing the transmission in my brother's car, then later my mom is cooking my favorite meal (roast beef on the rotisserie in red wine, homemade mashed potatoes, green beans in olive oil and garlic...) even though I asked her what she wanted for dinner - either out somewhere or I'd cook something!

Then we're driving back to South Carolina afterwards since it's back to work tomorrow.
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I worked this morning, then went for a bike ride and now I'm just relaxing.
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Taxes! Our income tax statement is due by month's end, and we finally got around to preparing it. We usually have it in by late February/early March, but somehow couldn't get around to it this year.

The weather is gorgeous right now, so Jamie and I spent quite a bit of time out in the yard this morning. He was quite proud of himself, as he managed to drive a "visiting" cat away.

I got caught up on laundry, too.
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Today was a rainy and cold day, so we stayed inside most of the day. I did get some cleaning done in the barn earlier though.
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what i did today:
went to church w/my parents, then had lunch w/them @ their place [mom didn't want to do a restaurant - said they'd all be mobbed ]
went to the stores - got sweatband, wristlets, a new shirt & some foodstuffs.
came home, mowed the lawn, emptied the waste containers on the litterboxes, cleaned the cat fountains.
emptied several trash cans, took big can w/trash, used litter & yard waste to the curb.
sprayed the new 'toy basket' w/nature's miracle [Chip peed in it ] & sprayed the back door, too [ferals spray it ].
came here!
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