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Please forgive me if i have posted this in the wrong place...I just spent 15 minutes trying to decide where it should go!

We are about to put a deposit down on a kitten from a breeder, shes the cutest of kittens! I had no worries until yesterday when somebody told me she doesnt look like the breed that the breeder is saying she is (with me so far? LOL) ...So I need my mind put at rest..

So what breed would you say this kitty is?

Thanks in advance!
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I'd say she's an Exotic.

Is the breeder registered?
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Her website says she is, she also says they come with papers..
I generally had no doubt about her/the kitten until a friend told me the kitten looked a different breed as she was advertising (exotic shorthair)...
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Perhaps your friend thought this as the kitten appears to have a dropped nose? Which is fine if you are buying her just as a pet and not for showing.
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I was also thinking that. Either way shes so cute She is just for pet and now showing or breeding. I'm glad you said exotic, makes me feel better hehe..

ok onto naming her now....
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Yes, she is very cute
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She looks like a pet quality exotic to me. Her ears seem a bit too pointed (should be rounded on the tips) but that could be due to a little extra ear "tufts" of fur on the ends.

She's not an extreme exotic (show quality). Looks like a cute innocent little rascal to me. What did you name her?
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I agree, she looks like a pet quality Exotic. Very cute!
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Thanks everyone!

We are thinking of calling her Phoebe ....or should I say I am
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Oh my goodness! What a sweet face.
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