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Cat not letting me sleep

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I have just gotten my first indoor cat, Teddy, a week ago, he is a 10 mo old Bengal. He will not let me sleep through the night. I wouldn't mind having him share my bed however, it seems like always wants to play or wants active attention when I am ready to sleep or already sleeping. He will walk all over me and then put his face on mine and rub against my face and end up laying down on my head or sitting on my shoulder and kneeding his needle sharp claws into my skin. I am currently staying at my parents' house until I find my own place within the next month. my "bed room" is just a walled off area in a larger mini apartment type area in the basement and it isn't completely closed off. If i shut the doors, he jumps the wall which is about a foot from the ceiling. Also, if for some reason he decides not to jump the wall he will make alot of noise or scratch at the doors. He gets plenty of exercise as I have three sisters who play with him all the time as well as myself. I just don't know what to do and I am suffering from sleep deprivation. Please help.
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The only thing I can suggest as a temporary measure till you get your own place, is to put him in his own 'bedroom' overnight. A dog cage with lots of blankets and a litter tray, or in your bathroom? Is he reliably litter trained? perhaps your parents would let him have the run of the lounges etc at night? Failing any of this, I can only suggest ignoring him completely when he wakes you up, never reward his behaviour by giving him any kind of attention or food in the middle of the night. (though obviously if you leave some dry food down when you go to bed he'll have one less reason to wake you up) Good luck!
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He is very reliably litter trained. I guess i could clean out the bathroom on this level and put him in there overnight. It is a BIG mess right now with cleaners and stuff everywhere so I don't want him in there for the present. We also can't give him the run of the house at night because my parents have two dogs, both are daschunds, and the dogs and the cat can't be together unless supervised because the one dog is somewhat agressive and the cat likes to push the other dog around.

Thanks for the advice.
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I never let my cats in my bedroom. They are nocturnal and want to play. It's ok to have your own space at night.


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My Maddox does the same on occassions. He will meow and start kneading my boobs or will come and sit on my side. Eventaually when I keep ignoring him he stops and goes about his business. I leave his toys out and he plays on his own in the bedroom with me.
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