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Major life changes

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Hi guys- I just wanted to run whats going on in my head by you all for some input and advice.

Ok, short history- I'm 26 and have been married since I was 18. I have two kids, aged 7 and 5, and live in a small 'one horse town' in Nova Scotia, Canada. I never went to college/university out of high school and have always regretted that, not that I'd change having met my husband or having my kids for anything.

Recently I've begun feeling trapped in this town of little opportunity. I've looked into every avenue of education and well, there really is none here. My husband and I are both unhappy with our jobs and circumstance and feel major changes are long overdue. We have been discussing the possibility of a move to another Province where we could both pursue our educations. I'm looking into studying Biology, a passion of mine since childhood, and my husband wants to study Music.

There are , of course, blocks in our path. Firstly is the kids, it means relocating them to not only a new town, but a new school, and thats always hard. Second is money- it would be difficult financially for us to do this at this point. Theres always the worry of being able to juggle school and jobs once we get there.

I guess I'm afraid that if I DON'T take this leap, I'll feel for the rest of my life like I never accomplished what I wanted to do. I'm not ready to let my dreams die just yet, and while I'm no spring chicken , it ain't over yet

Ok, any and all input is more than welcome. This is such an exciting yet terrifying thing for me
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I was afraid the first time I ventured away from my home town. I did it at first on my own, then with my s/o.
We were stagnating, couldn't find decent jobs, and were just generally unhappy. We took the plunge and began a 15 year adventure that I would not trade for anything. Our lifestyle is a little less conventional than a lot of people's here, but it has been great. I never got the education that I wanted, but I sure got one! Do it while you are still young enough to enjoy it. Your kids are still young enough to adjust to new surroundings.
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I was just wondering if you had checked into on-line college. I dont know about canada but in the u.s. you can get money to help pay for college. I am attending right now full time via the internet. I also get money from the MGIB. Which is a fund from the military. I know that there are other funds for scholl though from all kinds of sources.
But I do like the idea of getting up and moving. I envy you the oppurtunity to make such a great change.
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I agree with ceehome. Maybe you and your husband would be interested in on-line classes from a fully acredited college or university as a way to at least get started on your plans. Also, you might want to find out about obtaining grants to pay for part of your educational costs.
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I think the online college thing sounds great...something I have even considered doing myself when Amber is a bit older...but either way...I think you should go for it!!!!! I think it would be very fullfilling for you!!!! Keep us posted on what you decide!!!
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I think you should go for it! You are young, your kids are young, and the only bad chance is the chance not taken.
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There's no time like the present. Every year there will be another reason "why not". You might as well take the bull by the horns while you both have the motivation.
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Hi Melissa!

i was just thinking of two alternatives:

~ taking an online class (there are a lot of online classes out there) - please go to www.yahoo.com, and search under "online classes:

~ taking classes from a community college (i believe you are in Canada, do they have CC there?) It costs lesser to go a community college first, then transfer your credits to a university or college.

i was wondering about student loans or government loans that you could apply?

i wish you the best, Melissa, in your undertakings, and i am so happy for you that you are taking steps to get ahead.

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I say go for it too! Your kids are still young enough to adjust well. And, if you don't like it after you get there, you can always move back home.

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I say die with no regrets. Go for what you want and education is always a positive.

Two things to think about on the education path.

1. If you are thinking about going to school (college/university) next year, watch out for the double cohort. The provinces are dropping the OAC year of high school (so now there are only grades 9-12). Therefore, all of grade 12 and OAC students are doubling up the numbers for admission into the limited spots that the college and universities are offering. Check out your local campus to ensure you would have availability.

2. I currently am enrolled in online education. Unless you already have a degree or you are doing it for interest alone, I would not suggest taking online courses. It's too new a concept and most Canadian business' do not look favourably on it as a primary source of education. I'm currently supplementing my university degree, so it's seen as more favourable than if the online portion was the only degree under my belt.

Just some things to think about from the Canadian end of things! Good Luck!

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Melissa - I will answer in 2 ways - as a friend and as a government emplyee working for Employment Insurance.

As I friend I say do what you have to do to be happy - your kids are young and will have no trouble making friends.

From someone who works for EI, chances are if you quit your job to move and go to school you would not get covered by employment Insurance. To qualify you need to be ready willing and capable of work each day (and if in school you are not available). Plus if you quit, you have to show that you had good reason or no viable alternative then to quit. I hope that gives you some idea of how the gov't would look at any claim. Of course, you always have the right to apply and prove your point!
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Thanks you guys I appreciate all your input and well wishes. I think I am going to look into online courses, but with Biology theres a lot of lab/field work, so not sure if thats possible. I'll keep you posted on whats going on , you guys are the best
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