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Cat Genie

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Not sure if I can even post this or where to post it, so mods please feel free to move where is should be.... I have a friend who got the cat genie and loves it, so I am looking for some more input on the product... Do you have one? if so what are the pros and cons? I have to older cats (6 next month) and to new kittens (9 weeks today) would it be to much for them, should I get 2 of them... thanks a bunch...
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Are you refering to the littermate?

I have one. I have 3 cats. I go through a lot of the refills but it is worth it to me. I can't flush the waste, and i live three flights upstairs so I am not dragging the waste down the stairs in plastic bags two to three times a day.

I can't have a seperate trash can for them. I WILL NOT tolerate the smell upon emptying it. So it works out real well for my needs. I wouldn't be without it now!

I go through 3 refills a month at about 7.99 each. Not cheap but worth it to me.
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No the cat genie is the litter box that you hook up to your toilet and water supply and it cleans itself just like a toilet. There was a link to the website on the bottom of the cat site web page.
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Originally Posted by Momoftwogirls View Post
No the cat genie is the litter box that you hook up to your toilet and water supply and it cleans itself just like a toilet. There was a link to the website on the bottom of the cat site web page.
i've heard of them. don't want the box in my one & only tiny bathroom, tho.
i have 4 littermaids.
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To Momoftwogirls:

I have a Cat Genie! It's Great. Some of the pro's are you never have to scoop litter ever again. Also the litter(granules) is reusable, it goes through a wash and dry cycle so you almost never have to replace it. Hook up is very easy. The Cat genie hooks up to your cold water and must be plugged in to an electrical outlet. Waste is liquefied and then sent down the drain, so you don't even have to see it. You can start the cleaning on your own, or you can set it on a timer and it starts on its own!! The Cat Genie website says that up to 4 cats can use it. How many cats do you have? Do all your cats share one littler box now? If they all share one now I would assume you could just get one. Before I bought my Cat Genie I went to their website and watched the videos, there very helpful and show you exactly how it works!
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CatGenie just came out with a new model the CatGenie 120
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I just saw it on TV, also checked the web.
Wondering what pros and cons are.
Does it really work the way described & shown?
Also, how well(or bad) your kitty reacts to it?
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I'm bumping this back up to see if anyone has bought the new CatGenie 120. I'm very interested in this product as my brother loves his. The only concern I have is that the older version was terrible for cats with loose stools. Since on of my has IBD, loose stools can be quite common in my household. I'm trying to find out if the new model has been able to handle this problem better. Thanks in advance!
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I've had the CatGenie since July of 2008, and love it.

Ours is connected to the cold water hookup for the washing machine, and the drain piggy-backs the washer drain.

  • I haven't had to scoop a litter box in almost 2 years.
  • It takes care of itself.
  • My 19-year old cat adapted to it very quickly, of course, he was only 17 at the time, so his youth may have helped
  • Their customer service and support is incredible. They've walked me through fixing errors on it twice, and have sent me spare parts for free.
  • It needs to be cleaned about once every 6 months or so, or it will start to smell.
  • There's a sensor that has to be cleaned every 6 months or so, or it will stop working properly.
  • Our 16-year old female won't use it, but she doesn't like most litter boxes.
  • It's large. Ours barely fits next to the washing machine, and even then the bowl extends beyond the front of the washer.
  • It can be noisy when cycling.
  • You have to make sure you always have a replacement cleaning cartridge available, because if one runs out, it won't operate until it's replaced. Their shipping is fast, though, so I usually order a 3-pack refill when I install the last one on hand.
As long as I have cats, I will only have the CatGenie litterbox.
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Hi, I thought I'd give you some feedback on CatGenies. I have 8 cats and own 3 of the original model of the CatGenies and I can't say enough good things about them!

We purchased the 1st one in June, 2008. We purchased one with the sidewalls and hood because my boy cat likes to get in a litter box and stick his butt out and poop on the floor. We were SO impressed we bought 2 more and now have one on each level of our house (2 in bathrooms, 1 in laundry room). We run each 1-2 times a day, or extra depending on the cats. They all took to it quickly.

Customer service is AWESOME! Whenever we've had a question, or anything went wrong (rare) they were very quick to solve the problem and send any needed parts to us fast.

Here are a few tips to help you:

-Make sure you have extra cartridges handy. The CatGenie will start beeping (one beep) when you have 10 washes left. It will beep twice when the cartridge is completely empty. So if you forget to order more, you will have time to rush a shipment if needed.

-Should you get an error beep (3 beeps) the problem is almost always the water sensor. This is a plastic piece that looks like a wishbone that you can remove easily. You only need to wash the tip of it and put it back. They're also cheap (if not free) to replace should you need to.

-Sometimes (not often) you will get a smell (referred to as the "burnt brownie" smell) after the drying cycle. This happens if small pieces of poop that are too small for the scooper to catch are dried with the litter. It's not that bad (especially if you use the scented cartridges) and goes away quickly.

-I HIGHLY recommend getting something to catch the granules when your cat(s) steps out of the CatGenie. Since they don't absorb liquid, you can collect some of what comes out of the CatGenie and reuse it to save a bit of money. I use something I think is called Kitty Trax, they're 12x12 trays with a removable grid. They lock together so you can set them up different ways, but you can use anything you like.

I have had the most sensitive people who either don't like cats or animals in general come to my house, and every one said they couldn't smell a thing! My mother is the biggest complainer of cat smells, and she stayed with me for a week and said she never smelled anything cat related (believe me, she'd tell me if there was any smell!)

The CatGenie will pay for itself within a year. Having the supplies sent directly to your home is an added bonus. I think this is the best product out there, I would be able to have 8 cats without them.

Good luck!
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