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bellas kittens

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so they are 3 weeks old tomorrow!!! wow, they are getting so big! they have already opened their eyes, and are starting to walk around. the 2 white ones are definitly siamese! their ears and tails are turning gray, i think... one has a fully black nose, the other is half black half white... it is the only way to tell them apart right now!!! we have decided to name the black one we are keeping, tiger... he is adorable! he seems to be the slower one of the group, the other 2 are walking on all fours, and he is still dragging himself. he is bigger too. we are thinking of giving one of the girls to my mother-in-law for mothers day(obviousley not till they are ready) since her baby just passed this week. they had her for 17 years. my hubby cried when he found out. well, so did i! she was a sweetie. theywill be here in 2 weeks to help me out with the boys,(i am STILL pregnant) so they will get to see them then. nd fall completely in love with them!!! i will post some pics later, we havent taken any since they were born!
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here they are at 3 weeks...

all 3 in the bed

all three with mama

little half-nose

full nose

and my baby, tiger
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awwwwwwww they are too cute! I love the pointed ones!
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They are cute. What sex is the one with the black nose? Am wondering if this will wind up being a tortie point (female)? The other is definately a blue point
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very very very cute!!
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Awwww, they're adorable!
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Beautiful kittens, I love them all I have to say the little black one is my favorite. so adorable. beautiful white ones and your tiger is so adorable.
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Cuties for sure.
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the white ones are both girls... i so wanna keep them all!
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