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Can You?

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Can you lick your nose with your tongue?

Can you stretch and look like you don't have a backbone?

Can you lick your arm and look like you enjoy it?

Can you look like you're going through a wind tunnel?

But actually be this beautiful?

Gigi can!
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Oh, she sure can!!! Gorgeous girl, great pics!
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OMG Kass that wind tunnel pick is hilarious. What a beauty she is
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cute cute cute.
the only one of those i can do is, lick my nose.
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I loved everyone of those pictures!
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Beautiful photos - beautiful kitty!
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That was great, Kass!
Look at that beautiful girl stretching
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Gigi is SO beautiful! I love the wind tunnel look!
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wow she is gorgeous!
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Hahahahaha love the wind tunnel pic!! I always look like I'm in a wind tunnel.... just without the beautiful bit on the end though....
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Nice pictures! Have any other advice on learning to take the right pictures besides the book Tigerlord suggested?
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A cat can lick its elbows, a feat no human can do.
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Oh Kass, that series of pics is tooooooo cute! SO wonderful! And WHAT a gorgeous girl!

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Thanks everyone. Gigi is quite the character!

Originally Posted by Duchess15 View Post
Nice pictures! Have any other advice on learning to take the right pictures besides the book Tigerlord suggested?
Practice, practice, practice! Try out different shutter speeds and aperture settings. See what each one does and how it affects the overall mood of the picture.

Also, patience is something you will learn in photography. You will not necessarily get the picture on the first try but you will develop your eye in the process and learn how the camera works. I love taking pics of dragonflies and I have easily spent two to three hours getting the 'right' picture. I discarded 20 in the process, but that one picture was worth it.

That's the joy of digital over film, you can take many pics and not have to pay for this learning process. Take pictures of things you love and I think your 'eye' will be shown through your pictures.

Think outside the box - take pics at different angles, go to your subjects eye level, frame your picture to include as much as the subject as you can. Pick out one key feature on a subject and highlight it by using a different angle or doing a macro shot. In this way, you show a different perspective than the 'ordinary' eye will see.

I am no where near where I want to be as a photographer, but I've had fun learning from my subjects! The last few years have been devoted to our renovations on our home but I hope to do more serious photography in the coming years.

As I mentioned earlier, join a photography club to pick up hints and tricks. Why spend hours/days/weeks learning something when someone there can show you in a few minutes/lessons?

And, just hint, when you get an SLR you will never be satisfied with your current lens set. The joy of an SLR is changing lenses and experimenting. I'll be adding another lens soon.....but I want 3 more! I wanted a $1500 lens but that's not in the budget at the moment. And the $2500 one is way out of reach!

Photography is a fun hobby, but can get expensive fast!
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
cute cute cute.
the only one of those i can do is, lick my nose.
Oh, wow, Bruce... you must be so proud! ( and your wife so pleased!!!)
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What a beautiful girl
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No, dangit....
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