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What's the cost of showing where you live?

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I noticed Nial mentioned shows cost over 10 grand a year for their cattery.

In my state showing 5 adult cats runs approx $100 or less per show. However, most of ours are 1-3 rings.

People don't tend to travel far to shows, as each state has plenty of local shows. Not including the nationals which is pretty much the only show that people would fly to.
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For a 6 ring show its about $40-45 per entry
For a 8 or 10 ring show its about $45-50 per entry.

Most shows give you a $5 discount or more for multiple entries.

And its and extra $15 for a double cage for a single entry. If you bring your own cage to set up you have to pay for the extra 1/2 cage space.

Most of my entries for Charlie cost me $60-65. If you add in a hotel stay that can vary from $45 a nite to $80 a night (show motel prices). Then add in gas, airline (if applicable), food, etc.

For a stay at hotel weekend (2 nites) we usually budget about $300-400 for that weekend which includes gas, hotel, and food for the 2 of us. Local shows cost us about $100 since we travel home each night.
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I do keep tract of what I spend on cat shows. The first year I showed I spent $873, that was for 8 shows and includes entry fees, hotels, and gas but not food. Last year I spent $1,344 and that was for 8 shows again. This year so far I have only been to 2 one day shows with a total of $240.
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Entry fee's : $100 to $300 per show depending on the show venue and cats entered. (1 to 3)

The closest show to us is 100 miles one way, so we always stay over. Most shows are 500 to 1,200 miles one way. We spend a small fortune on gas or airfare for most shows.

Don't like most of the show hotels, they are dumps and cheap for a reason. I don't want my cats walking around in hotel rooms that have filthy floors. Who knows what animals have been in there and what problems they have?

We opt for a better place to stay, and usually have to pay a pet fee on top of our normal room charge. Figure $100 plus per night.

Food prices vary by location, but there are 2 of us to feed, so $50 to $100 per day is not unusual.

Last but not least we almost always support the club putting on the show and the region we're showing in by donating money. $25 to $50 per show. Sometimes we sponsor judging rings to the tune of $200 per show.
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In Sweden $40-$50 per cat is standard. It's expensive! You only get one judge to look at the cat for that sum (unless the cat is nominated for BIS) and you can only get one certificat per show. And yeah, you have to pay for the ribbons (do you call them ribbons?)... $4-$5.
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Yay! My computer dude fixed my firefox and now I can contribute again!

Depends on where I'm showing...local shows will set me back at least $100-200 (size of show matters)...If I'm flying somewhere then I'm looking at a minimum of some $750 per show.

This season there will be at least 5 shows in HK = US$1500 per trip! Each Thai show is around US$700 and I think each show in China is around the same as HK. If I am crazy enough to think about showing in Europe then each trip will cost around US$3000....
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