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goodbye little wee one

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Some of you may have read my last few posts about a little kitten I attempted to rescue/foster out of a local animal shelter. I'm not an official foster nor do I have any connections to any rescue groups so the tiny little wee one and his/her littermates were pts after I was denied a chance to save a life. Their only fault being they just barely didn't weigh enough. This is just heartbreaking for me, why bother to post a picture of a 'lost' litter online if nobody can attempt to save them. I would assume litters of kittens are rarely claimed as lost, most are abandoned. So anyway little one, even tho I never met you, someone did care for you and I hope you are having fun with your siblings at the bridge.
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I think its terrible they would not let you save them.
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That's so sad.

I remember seeing your post about this, and even though I didn't leave a reply, I kept checking back and hoping for good news. I agree, they shouldn't put their pictures up on the website if they won't let anyone take them. Poor babies.

Rest in peace little kitties, have fun at RB..
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Godspeed over RB, baby kittens. I know that our TCS RB kitties are there to welcome you all and show you all the caring people down here who mourn your deaths and the loss of a chance to have a happy, caring home with Auchik.
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Poor little one... I´m so sorry

Go at the rainbow little one and play happy!..
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Poor babies. How sad.
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