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enjoying the great outdoors

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Here are some pictures of my cats Harry (the gray tabby) and Misty (the tortoiseshell with 3 legs) enjoying the great outdoors. I got them in February and kept them inside for 10 weeks to make sure they knew this was their home and they were comfortable with me, etc, before letting them out (they were indoor/outdoor in their previous home, so they know how to handle the outdoors).

So I finally let them go out this week, and they are having a ball! They love it out there. Now they want to go out all the time. The other day, they ran into an orange cat that I'd never seen before. He probably belongs to a neighbor. Luckily, this cat didn't want to fight or anything, so everything was cool.

On with the pictures.

Harry on the deck:

Misty on the deck railing:

Harry in the yard:

Misty in the yard eating grass:

Both Harry and Misty in the yard:

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Not to start any indoor/outdoor debate, but is it really safe for a 3 legged cat to be outdoors? Personally I think its much more dangerous than a regular 4 legged cat being outside. The ability to run and get away from a predator is decreased.

Are they just outside because you are supervising them, or are they allowed outside unsupervised?
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They sure look so happy!
It sounds like the outside is neutral ground, meaning no bossy cat around.
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I do have my concerns about a 3-legged cat being outside, but try telling her that. And she does get around really well (she can hop on that back foot like nobody's business ).
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They are adorable
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Thank you. Here's another picture:

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Harry looks like my/sharky's Punky!

I adore Misty. The way the orange flows to black...and those green eyes....
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