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Cat food and Flies

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Well for me summer is here and so are the flies! I find that when I put food down for kitty and if he doesn't eat everything, after a while I can sees flies eggs in his food, yuck! I put a pouch down which is what he would eat but sometimes I can't tell exactly when he will eat! Also when I am at work I leave wet food down but I don't want him to eat fly eggs. Does anyone else have this issue? Should I just put dry down during the day? I just want to add, we don't have flies due to poor hygiene, we live in a converted stables and I think that that my be an issue, but our house is spotless.
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I would put down dry during the day, if this is an option! Not only are flies an issue, but wet food is a bacteria magnet. To avoid any nasties, you should put it down as close to feeding time as possible and take it back up (even if he hasn't eaten it all) within a relatively short period of time. We do this with our cats - though, with three little hungry monsters around, the food is usually gobbled up within five minutes of putting it down!
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I never leave food out - wet or dry. It attracts not only flies but ants too. During meal times I wait until they're done and pick up the food dishes.
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I think that thats a good idea. I will give him his brekky then dry food when I am out and I will have set meals times too, like you guys. Thanks for the advice
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My own take is that we may be projecting onto our cats our own concepts of "sanitation".

In nature, small cats do eat flies...many flies. Flies are part of their diet... with no adverse reactions.

If one of our cats should swallow the unlucky fly who manages to get into our house, are we going to rush the cat to the Vet?

So, perhaps there's no inherent danger in fly eggs...perhaps it's our "sanitized society" that generates the ebbie-jeebies in us?
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Yeah, mebbe, but I still don't want flies and maggots in my house
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I second that
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