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A dream in which your cat could talk?

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Did you ever have a dream in which your cat could speak? I was having a fun discussion with my BF in which we expressed that we have never had an animal speak language to us, or an inanimate object that spoke. I am sure we have all had dreams about our cats and pets, but did they ever start talking?
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Can`t say I remember having any dreams like that. If I had a fream were Kitty was talking it would definatley be a nightmare. I`m sure he has a real potty mouth the way he meows at me sometimes
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our kitten misty i vocal little thing who ses alot, me and the BF sit and make silly voices for al the animas as if they were speaking,
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I had a dream a long time ago where my cat Lucy randomly started talking to me, and I was like "How are you talking?!"

We had a conversation about.. something or other, and then I woke up.
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I have often had dreams where cats or objects talk to me! It often happens more when I am stressed Not sure why but sometimes they are so real I wake up expecting Indie and Ember to understand and reply when I speak to them .... Don't know why.
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yea once i think, maybe twice, lol
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Yes, I've had a few dreams where cats were talking to me. I can't quite remember the content, but I've had them with my cats and also with cats who were not known to me. I've also had dreams that I think were caused by my cats, particularly when I'm sleeping late on a weekend and they want to eat.
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you're not the only one - I remember having a conversation with Tosca about her coming to live with us - how was she enjoying it and suchlike Apparently she was quite content in her new life.
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I've had a couple of dreams about/with talking cats. I've often wondered if it's because I read the Joe Grey mysteries.
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