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Need some advice

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Well it's that wonderful time of year again, known as finals and I have two classes were the final really won't make that much of a difference.

Psychology of women: I have a 75 percent in that class and if I don't take the final that will be my grade(she drops the lowest exam). I need an 87% on the final to bump up my grade to a B so I don't know if I should take it or not. Thats actually on Thursday, the day I was supposed to be leaving to go home and see my parents but the final is at 3 so that doesn't get me home until about 8. I am still going home its just I had some things to do when I got there that I can't do if I take the final.

Complex Variables: There is like a 1/1000000 shot of me passing this at all and that is depending souly on the final exam but with such narrow odds of passing anyway I don't know if I am going to take this. Its on Monday at 3-5 so there isn't any real reason not to take it except it will more than likely not make a difference.

So should I take these finals or not?
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Of course you should take them. 78% is not a great grade, and what do you have to lose (except time, which is the only thing students can trade in) if you take it?
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75% in Psychology of Women? Oh, I pity the girls you date! (LOL, I'm just joking...we really are pretty complex Come on, you left yourself open to that one! )

Seriously though, I would study hard and take the test. I know that math is your strong point, but every class counts towards your GPA whether it seems important or not. So you get home a little later, if you can bump your grade up to a B it will be worth it. Good luck!
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