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Hey guys

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Hey guys,

I have been in touch with Anne, and we have been sorting out the problems that I have been having in this site. It is NOT a reflection on the site, just a few people.

But I have decided I do need a break from here, and I will be back. I dont know when, probably when the war is over. It is a very sensitive subject for me and its very hard.

I want to thank those who have been supportive, you can still email me at

Keep in touch will you!
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Hi Kellye- I am waving from Oregon at you.....
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To reiterate:


Take care and God bless, Kellye!!

Cheers to you!
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Thank you Kellye! Like I told you - I now have one more reason to hope for the war to end soon

And a general note for all members - please when you have a grievance share it with me. I'm not a mind reader, heck I don't even follow all the threads... And while the mods are doing a wonderful job taking care of things, if there are still things you need to tell me about, then please do.

The ruls is - if you have a problem with what a member is sending you via PM or email, then block them (it's easy). If you have a problem with a message from one of the mods or with something on the forums (if you don't feel happy about how a mod dealt with it) then contact me.

I don't think I have ever ignored messages from any member. But I honestly can't do anything about things I don't know about...

Thanks again Kellye! I'll miss you a lot - but sometimes taking a break is the right thing to do. I just hope it won't be a long one...
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I'm glad to see you've decided to stay. Go and enjoy your vacation-we'll be expecting a lot of Peedoodle stories!
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Glad to hear you'll be coming back Kellye!
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Kellye, I'm glad you and Anne are working together to sort out the problems you've had here. A lot of people here will miss you while you're gone.
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Love and hugs, hun!
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I'm SO glad you are working through this with Anne. She's pretty understanding, isn't she? You will certainly be missed in your absence. We'll track you down anyway, you know that right?
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I'm glad to see you will be back!!! If you want to keep in touch just PM me and I'll send my e-mail!
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goody! Have yourself a vacation,then jump right back in.Will miss ya![Make it as short as possible!]
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I'm glad to see that you won't be leaving us permantly. We'd miss you way too much! Plus, I know just how addicted you are to this place...I don't think you'd make it too long with out stopping by once in a while!
Anyway, I do hope that your time away from here is a good one and I hope you don't mind me sending you a funny joke once in a while!
I'll miss ya girl!
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Kellye - sorry to hear you've been having a hard time recently - I think taking a break is quite valuable in terms of reassessing things.

I also hope once you've had a break that you come back with a vengeance, as you're such a TCS stallwart you will be very much missed.

I must've missed any hostile posts but sincerely hope I haven't said anything inadvertantly that may have offended you.

Godd luck and come back soon.
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Oh I must have missed out what's going on. But I am glad you have decided to stay but take a big break from this site for a while. Please come back because i just got to getting to know you better. KWIM.

Hang in there..

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Dont stay away too long Kellye. I am sorry you feel you have to stay away. You gotta be stronger than me kiddo, dont know if I could. Take care.

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Just a quick reminder - please everyone, share your complaints with me. I am really an approachable person (so I think). Don't keep it all inside - let me know and let's see if there are things we can make even better here for you.

And if you feel you have to, by all means take a break from the lounge or from the forums. I know I have twice. No need to make special announcements (not referring to Kellye's or anyone's posts in particular ) I know myself that taking a break can be helpful. I have done so more than once during my 2.5 years here.

Kellye - I'm missing you already
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KELLYE! pout! I will miss you - I hope that you take some time for yourself.
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come back soon!!
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whoa! did I miss something...?

Have a real good relaxing time dear, we'll miss you!
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