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My Cats Tail

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Our Cat Gigi had disappeared around 5 days ago and my mum thought she was definitely gone for good. I didn't accept at one point that she was gone and kept going outside each night to see if she was there. Just today I found her sitting on the tree she usually sits on and I took her inside.

I then realised her tail was completely motionless with no movement at all. She also cannot walk properly with rear left leg. She doesen't appear to be in pain but I know something is wrong.

I also can't go to the vet today because they are closed on Sundays.

What should I do and what is wrong with my cat?
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First, you might want to post this in the SOS forum or Health and Nutrition forum. You might get some better responses.
Well definitely get her to the vets as soon as you can. Make sure she is kept inside in a room with litter box, water and food and kept warm. All you can really do is make sure you get her to the vets cause it seems she either fell or she got hit by a car. I pray she will be fine and you can get her help soon!
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I agree, try to keep her confined to one room if possible with everything she needs (food, water, litter) until you can get her to the vet. If a cat doesn't move it's tail, it's usually because of a back injury. If she can still use one back leg normally then hopefully it's not too serious, but only a vet can say for sure.

And, just because a cat doesn't act like they're in pain doesn't mean that they aren't. Most of the time cats will try to hide the fact that they hurt.

Take care of your baby and let us know how she's doing.
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