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Should I say something more?

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One of my bosses knows I'm going out of town next week, but he keeps giving me follow up to do when I'm gone. The stuff is going to sit in a database when I'm gone and get him (not me) in trouble if it's not done. So I've done the following:

1. Sent three e-mails to him asking for the documents to be rerouted.

2. Told him verbally twice that he needs to get the stuff out of my que.

3. Sent two e-mails to the person who runs the database that I'm going to be out of town.

Yet the work items keep sitting there. I walked past his office yesterday and he was playing a stupid game in the internet.

Would you do anything else?
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Print out those emails you sent to have paper copy of what's been done.

Stop stressing over it (stress makes you age faster). Just think of it this way - if you die tomorrow someone will do the work
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I would definitely print out a copy of all those emails and put them in his hands, not on his desk, and print out a copy for yourself in case he says he never got them. Having a trusted coworker with you when you hand them to him might not hurt, either. He sounds like a real dimwit. It must be fun to work for him.
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I would write a note to the boss and let him know that you will be away next week, and that things are still showing up in your queue despite having told the people who keep sending the stuff. Let him know that you are more than willing to do the work when you get back, but if it's something urgent, then someone else will have to work on them next week.
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i tell them once. and once only. its up to them to remember at that point.
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