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Poor Seldon is hurting so we went to the vet

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Seldon was the victim of misdirected anger the other day by Mary. I came home and found blood on the wall. Turns out he ripped his whole claw clean out to the white part.
I knew he was pain because he was not himself. He howled when the vet checked him and cleaned him up. They gave him a pain med and some antibiotics in case.
I miss my funny boy and I hope he heals soon.
When I try to look he wails and gets that angry kitty look on his face.His nail will grow back but he is pain right now. The vet likened it to us ripping our whole nail out. Ouch.
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This is one of the reasons I try to keep the cats' claws clipped. I've seen things like this happen before.
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Poor baby! I hope he feels better and is back to his sweet self very soon.
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Oh Bless his little heart healing vibes
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Oh no that poor baby ..... sending feel better really qucik, vibes
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That happened to my Sisters Cat a few months ago. Mauis claw was ripped out and she dosent know how it happened. We think her Cats had a fight because she found Midnights fur all over. I hope your Cat feels better.
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Oh, poor kitty.. I hope he feels better soon!

I've never had it happen to a cat, but my guinea pig tore off a nail once when she got it caught on something. The poor thing, we don't really have any vets that specialize in exotics, and guinea pigs are so sensitive to medications, she just had to tough it out until it healed. But she perked up pretty quick, so I'm sure your kitty will with the meds to help.
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Thanks it means a lot.
I have been cuddling him extra and carrying him around which he seems to like. But mostly he likes to be alone. He tried to go up to Mary so she would groom him as she normally does. He wanted a little affection and she swatted him. Cleo is cuddling him instead but he wants his pretend Mama's attention.

I do clip their nails about every 10 days or so but he is loves to climb and scratch on their sisel cat tree.
I just feel so bad for him. He let me look today and it is not a pretty thing to see.

He loves baths so maybe tomorrow a warm bath might help.
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I know cats have extremely sensitive paws, so I can just imagine (with a flinch of horror) what pain he's going through.
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