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Welcome, baby Harry!!

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I've just heard the news that I now have a new baby cousin!! Born at 12:25AM on Thursday morning at 8lbs 5oz ( OUCH!) He's a little bit special - he's my uncles very first biological grandson - he already has two granddaughters (his own granddaughters) and a granddaughter and grandson from his new wife's family - but Harry is his own and he's delighted with himself too!!

This is Harry at home with mama Claire!

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Aww look at that wee face - hes gorgeous!

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AAAW congrats
hes a
*squeesy face coochy poosy babywaby*
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a new cat lover for sure!.. because you surely going to teach him!!
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Awwww, what a cutie! Congratulations!!
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Oh my heart Look at that sweet baby Congratulations!!
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Congratulations! Look at that little face.
You know I had to giggle at your reaction to his weight, I was 10 lbs when I was born and a friend of mine had a 12 pound baby. Talk about OUCH!
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He's positively precious and definitely a future cat lover.
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Awww! What a sweetie pie! Congratulations!!!
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Welcome to the world, little one! I hope we can make it a better place for you as you grow up.
He is a handsome little fellow, too. He will be a heartbreaker for sure.
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He looks so tiny for 8lbs. Hes absolutely precious. Congratulations
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Welcome to a cutie patutie!
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Just a little doll!! Such a sweet little man!! Congrats to the family and friends, it must be great to have him around!!
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