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I'm Engaged

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I'm engaged now too. He bought the ring last week and today he gave it to me. He didn't do anything really special to propose, we were just sitting on the bed talking and he gave it to me and said "Rena, will you marry me?"

Here is a picture of the ring. It's got 7 diamonds down each side.

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Congratulations!!!! I'm soo excited for you! The ring is beautiful!!
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Congrats! Very pretty ring.
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Your ring is beautiful! I love the diamonds on the sides. It is like my wedding ring wrap (diamonds in a wrap with my engagement ring in the center of the band) Congrats!! May you have many years of wedded bliss
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Congrats, it is a beautiful ring
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Congratulations!! Beautiful ring!
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Congratulations...beautiful ring
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Wee it's wedding season on TCS!
Congrats! The ring is beautiful!

Haha, I know exactly what I want my ring to look like, now I just need the man (*ahem ex bf that I still love ahem* haha)
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Such a pretty ring! Congrats and much wedded bliss!!!!
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I love that ring! It's really feminine and pretty!
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Congratulations. That ring is gorgeous
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Congratulations! Thats a beutiful ring!
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Congratulations!! Your man sure has some good taste - both in ladies and in rings.
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OH hun it's beautiful! Congratulations to both of you!!
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Congratulations! That's lovely
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Congratulations! May you both be very happy
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Originally Posted by BuzbyJLC10 View Post
Wee it's wedding season on TCS!
I define with another thougth....

"Love is the air .............Of TCS!"......

C O N G R A T U LA T I O N S !!!
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Congratulations - so have you set the date?
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Congratulations!!! Beautiful ring.
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Awww! Congratulations to you both!!!! The ring is sooo beautiful!!!!!!!
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Your ring is gorgeous!! Congratulations!!
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congratulation's! aww, your ring's pretty!
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