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Introducing Google! (Lots of pics!)

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I'd like to formally introduce the newest member of our Fur family!
This is Google! He is my room mates kitten.

He is 7 weeks old, the people we got him from our my roomies boyfriends aunt and they would have kept him longer but the mother wasnt paying them any attention and they were worried one of the stray dogs in the area or neighbors dogs would hurt them, so they went ahead and gave them away a little early.

I just hope he keeps his fluffiness!

Without further ado here is Google!

Yes he was sleeping like that

Cuddled up to my boyfriend He likes to cuddle

And just for added pleasure, Joey being goofy

(it wouldnt rotate... photobucket has been having issues... lots of issues
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I'm crazy about Google's little white feet! Soooo cute!!
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hehe hes adddorable
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Awwwwwwwwww! He is sooo cute!!
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Oh my Heart What a doll-baby
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Oooh what a little sweetiepie! That soft little tummy is irresistible!
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What a sweetie-pie
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Thanks guys! He's a little terror though! LOL!

He plays real hard for about 30 minutes and then crashes for 2 hours! Its sooo funny!
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google looks more user friendly then the real google
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OMG, Google is such an aodrable little thing!! Wow! Every time I see kitten photos, it makes me miss having one!
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Awwww so adorable. I saw a kitten at the pet store today that looks almost identical to Google.
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I like the long white whiskers on the black cat!
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Aw, my Tiger sleeps like that too. If you keep letting him do that, he'll continue to sleep like that on your lap when he gets bigger, even if he can't fit like mine can't.
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google is just adorable And Joey looks very chilled out
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Originally Posted by kerry'n'ben View Post
google is just adorable And Joey looks very chilled out
yea... that was a pre-google picture of Joey... he has barely come out from under the bed since Google came home...
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