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Our Daily Thread, Monday, May.21st

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well, i didnt see a daily thread anywhere yet, so here it is.

i'm sorry i havent been around much these past 5 days, things have
been hectic for me, and i havent had much time to breathe, let alone

but - good news!!

i am leaving on May.30th (Wednesday) to Victoria - to see my sister &
brother and spend my 21st birthday with them i am incredibly
excited, as i havent really had many opportunities to get out there and
see them, and i miss them so much.

technically i wont be there for my actual birthday, as i'll be coming
back the day before, June.3rd, but, 5 days with them is going to be a
blast! :clown:

i used to live out there, and i am looking forward to re-visiting &
spending the much needed time with them


they are such a big part of my life, it's been so hard having them far
away, and not being able to fly over on account of $$

and i know this is still over a week away, but i have to talk about it,
because i am so excited, and it's been too long since i have been out
of this town - maybe i wont come back and i just feel so much Summer
in the air already, the days are gorgeous, bright, sunny, clear, cool
winds, walking outside is like an awakening to the senses, after such
a long winter, everything is alive & irridescent...

the only thing i'm worried about is being away from my cats for 5 whole
days they are going to hate me for a good while when i return :goodbad:

i'm going to miss them so much - and all of you

i'm not allowed to use a computer for the 5 days i'm away, even though
both my sister & brother (they live together) have computers :laughing:

anyway, blablabla okay, okay, hope everyone had a great weekend,
and an even better week

dont forget the Season Finale of Ally McBeal is on tonight!!

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i was just thinking... do you think having almost 600 posts makes one
a geek?!

ah, well... i'm down with being a geek, i always have been
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by the way, i have to say, the Season Finales this year are just incredible.

first with Friends, then ER, and X-Files last night was just AMAZING!!

i dont know how many of you watch it, but, it was the long-awaited episode,
one that will be remembered forever.

i have heard rumours that that was it for the show for good... but,
if it was, wouldnt they have advertised it? does anyone know what the
deal is?

i wonder how Ally will be tonight
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Hi blue

Victoria is so beautiful. I spent my 24th birthday
there just last year. It was a lot of fun, and beautiful

It definitely is Monday. I was out in the sun
this weekend and I put sunscreen on, and I did not get
it around my chest enough and so I have red and white
bloches... it's pretty embarassing. :laughing2

Hoping all is having a great day.

PS... 600 posts makes you no geek... I hope to be there someday
maybe in another year or so... Hahaha
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Ah, Monday and I am so burned out from the weekend. I am just glad I can catch up a little here before I drop dead in my bed!! Had a terribly busy day at work and then had to come home to kitty runs and puke because someone saw it fit to eat a toy mouse. I went to get the dog at Rene's and he pee'd on her floor!! What a day!! Thank goodness the day is coming to a close.
Blue, I know how you feel. When we go for the weekend, I love being out and having fun. At the same time I feel bad about the cats that are home and I can't wait to get back to the site. You will have a great time and then spend HOURS catching up on the site
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Almost forgot!! Deb25....HOHOKUSS sais hello
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Sandie: Last thread I was going to read before going to bed, and you gave me a big SMILE! Thanks!
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"A day like all days, filled with events which alter and illuminate our times." Does anyone recall those two sentences? They were the closing lines in each episode of the 1950s television series You Are There, which was a pretty good production considering it was LIVE.

Well, nothing really altering nor illuminating happened in my world today. It was just hot. Period. I did watch a film: Dollar, directed by Gustaf Molander and released by AB Svensk Filmindustri in 1938. It's a good comedy, wherein three couples all seem attracted to one anothers' mates.

I also made considerable headway in my reading of Helter Skelter, written by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry. Published by W. W. Norton and Company at New York in 1974, this is a 1994 edition which contains an updated afterword by Bugliosi.

Most of you probably know what the book is about, so I won't go into detail. But, even though I'm still deeply moved by those tragedies of 1969, I'd never read the book. Go figure.

Anne sent out a search party to find me, as I'd gone missing from The Cat Site. As you can see, I've been found and returned here.

Blue, have a pleasant journey!


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Is it still Monday over there? We're well into Tuesday morning

I was so tired yesterday (Monday). The whole rooster thing and having to argue so much about it really knocked me out. I spend the evening seriously breaking my diet with Ben and Jeryy's Chocholate Fudge Brownies ice cream I figured with my hubby being away and having a rough day I deserved some. Plus my MIL is not here to watch over me . She and FIL are in Turkey on holiday.
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Most of this weekend was spent preparing and painting my sister's room. There had been a leak in the roof and her ceiling had gotten saggy so we had some guys come and fix it, then they painted. We asked them to paint it "off-white" but the color they got was a hideous TAN, and it was all semi-gloss. Idiots. So we painted it a lovely shade of blue to go with her duvet (blue with white cluds and stars).

I don't feel very well today. I have sinus pressure AGAIN. I usually only get sinus problems once in spring and once in fall, but this is the second time my sinuses hurt this year. Sinus pain is a real bitch too. It makes me feel all tired therefore making me feel grumpy.

I tried to do some work on my garden scene but my paint shop program kept giving me errors. Oh well I could use a break anyway

I like the new thread with member's pictures. If my scanner still worked I'd scan in a pic of myself to add. Not like I have any REALLY recent photos of myself, but I look basically the same. The only thing that changes is my hair.
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