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I'm exhausted!!

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Today was my 6th day of working!!

Today: Get out of bed about 5:40 am, make coffee, let cats out and pick up Wall Street Journal. Read 1st section and popped on computer about 6:30.
Did check that truck was loaded and backed out of garage 7 am.

7:25 1st client: no access to back yard except w/wheelbarrow so I carried armfuls of brush and filled box of truck. Proceeded to cut down more shrubs so I have another good truck load (this will be load #6). Left and proceeded to take a scenic drive to Home Depot.

At Home Depot picked up a certain type of grass seed, a handheld broadcast spreader (other is I left at a clients house) some lily bulbs for me!! Looked at shrubs and they had a promo on cut-leaf Jap maples (not hardy but I'll try) and grafted dwarf spruces. Both are for me!!!

Proceeded to yard waste site and emptied truck.
2ns client: Looked at rabbit damage, measured for replacement shrubs and and removed 3 damaged burning bush shrubs which were difficult to dig out in a planter. looked at perennial garden also.

3rd client-next door: weeded, swept sidewalk, fertilized lawn, fertilizer tablets for 58 shrubs and pre emergent for shrub area. used bathroom 1st time since I left home!!

Drove off and went to yard waste site again, ate a granola bar and drank some water then drove to 4th stop but had to get gas for truck- $115 spent on gas since sunday!!
Bought a piece of pizza At clients house-applied pre emergent on all planted areas and chatted a bit with clients. 35 minutes later I'm on my way home.

At home, drink a zero call beverage, unload some stuff on truck and load mini tiller and gas can. Bathroom pit stop too.

Stop and get gas for tiller and proceed to 5th stop!! Its a video store so I rent a movie for tonite (The Golden Compass). Proceed to roto till an area about 8 ft x 35 ft as I will seed with grass Monday am!! About 40 minutes I'm driving home!!!!!!!

At home take a shower then grab a BIG glass of wine and book to relax in bathtub-its about 3:30!!!!

3 hours later I've read two newspapers, had some soup, rest of wine and I can barely stay awake!!
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What a day! I would be tired, too. But I bet in the end, when you look at all the landscaping you are doing and how well it looks, it will be oh so worth it.
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well take break, pet a cat or 2.
watch some TV
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The cats are all outside I should locate them!!

A movie in about 1 hour-Neil is mowing now.

Some of the properties are a never ending project!!
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drink a Tequila Ajua!...
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Some of the properties are a never ending project!!
At least that means you'll be earning money on a regular basis.

It's amazing how much work goes into gardening/landscaping. Hubby is an avid gardener. We have flower gardens, a greenhouse, and a couple of raised vegetable patches on our property, an orchard nearby, and a leased field. Right now, he seems to be spending all his free time gardening.

Yesterday he complained about having to water so much, and was a bit put out when I told him there was a simple solution - don't plant so much. I was just kidding. It's so great to be able to have freshly picked lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc., or enough potatoes, onions, apples, pears, etc., to get you through most of the year, and you know they're organically grown.

The flowers and shrubs are gorgeous, too. Our wisteria is blooming this week, and just heavenly. Our front yard is a riot of colors.
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Well I spent most of the day working on bits of our gardens. I am way behind in some areas as I am usually too tired to work on my own. But I got some stuff started.
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You know, I think about you every spring as all the gardening projects start popping up. I remembered your post when you started your business and how excited you were.

Then, I step into my backyard, look around and see all the plants that are in agony and think: "Darn, I wish Gail lived closer to me for my gardening needs!"

You may be exhausted, but I bet you love working for yourself, the exercise you get (rather than sitting in an office cubicle) and sleeping well after a hard days work.

I can imagine how hard you work but I still envy you!
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Why are you in WI? I need you here in CA! The weather doesn't change that much.
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