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Does anyone else have a kitty who likes to suckle on your earlobes? My Quincy has done this since he was a little kitten, and purrs loudly and kneads my neck with his paws, in the process. It's a daily event, and I don't think he's ever going to outgrow it, being he's now 10 years old. Is this an unusual habit?
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Thats exactly what Easy does. She does it everyday, too Cats usually develop that when they have been removed from their Mothers too soon. Some cats will suckle blankets, some necks, some other parts.
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Mia used to do that when she younger, she is now 1 yr 2 mo. She actually used to love the glasses frame behind my ear and she would search and search for it in the crevice of my neck. I felt sorry for her. Of course around this time Mia developed a serious case of pica, at least 20 items of clothing were ruined, including a nice part cashmere sweater from J Crew. Luckily we haven't had any more incidents lately, though I'm not sure if it's because she's grown out of it or there's nothing available to munch on. I'm afraid to find out!! Glad yours hasn't turned out that bad!!!
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Funny, my kitten just did that last night for the first time.
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I'm not the only one!!! lol. My kitty has been doing this since we got her (she's a year old now). We were told as well that it's because she's been taken from her mother too early. I don't let her do it anymore because I wear earrings and she managed to get one out one night when I was sleeping. She'll try every now and again but I find if my boyfriend and I don't let her do it, she won't.
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