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Fussiest cat ever???

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I wonder if anyone elses cat is this fussy! I got some great advice and knowledge from someone on here about cat food, good cat food. So I feed mine on wet food, 3 pouches a day and it always has over 60% proper meat. So I use either Natures Menu or Hi-Life, I also put down a small bowl of James Wellbeloved dry kibbles that are out to munch on during the day if he gets peckish when we are both at work. He rarely eats it but its there. The problem is is that I know a lot of people on here say that you should change kitties food gradually. Yet mine will love his food for a couple of weeks then seem to either get bored or just decide he doesn't like it and refuse to eat it. I never let him eat human food or off our plates but suddenly he seems to decide that our food is better than his and starts trying to paw it off our plates or sneak to the left overs! I have used other brands to see what he likes but the same thing always happens. Does anyone else have this problem and if so how do you deal with it. At present I have four boxes of different brand wet food that he won't even look at now! He does like his dry food when I feed him on that alone, its good food, I just worry about him getting a UTI, even though he drinks lots from his water fountain. Any advice?
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I would wonder what it is he is trying to get off of your plate? He may be telling you something there. Mary is easy but Seldon has just decided that he no longer likes canned food except for fish. My cats eat raw and are doing well.
I think the mystery may be in what he favors.
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Thank goodness I've never owned a fussy cat.... They don't like the canned food that has the gravy pieces in it. Ling is picky about treats - only eats certain kinds, but normal food...they eat what is served
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Those aren't fussy cats. Punkin is really fussy. It's almost impossible to find something he likes enough that he will eat enough to stay alive!
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At the beginning he would only eat fish, nothing but fish, then he one day, he just wouldn't go near it choosing to go hungry for the day until I had got something else, he liked chicken then wouldn't touch it, refused point blank to eat red meat then wouldn't eat anything but red meat for three days until he changednhis mind again!!! I am now just ignoring his demands, if he's hungry he'll eat!! It was egg and bacon he was trying to paw off my plate Maybe sir would prefer egg and bacon in the mornings and either a chicken or beef roast in the evenings, with fresh salmon for lunch
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