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is there really such thing as a male cat who can't spray?

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Oscar had a bath today, as much as it upset him. I gave his bum a wipe at the same time, cos he gets a bit mucky I was gentle. Anyway, I took him downstairs and I saw him going through the motions of spraying four or five times in the space of 10 minutes. I checked and the floor/wall he was spraying was completely dry and smell-free. He has been neutered, but even prior to that we never had a problem with him spraying, although again I did see him back up a free times but nothing ever came out.
Any ideas?
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He's probably just doing the quivery tail thing they sometimes do It means they're pleased to see you and there's no attempt to spray, although the action is similar. Jaffa has done that every since he was small.

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I used to have a few males and a female that did that, usually when I just got home and they were excited to see me.
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My male cat Bob has never sprayed, he has never soiled outside of his litterbox. I've never seen him spray outside either, so yes they do exist.

On the other hand, I do have a male cat currently on amitriptyline since it was decided his spraying and urinating was a behavioral issue.

I do have a female cat who shakes her tail inside but outside she sprays. So it all depends on the cat x.x
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I have 2 male cats, one is 15 but has never sprayed indoors, the 2 year old never does either. I dont think Ive ever seen a cat spray. Lucky me, i know it stinks.
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Our one and only male bobo never sprayed in his life. He'd sometimes shake his tail funny but he had nothing in there. We always attributed this to him being neutered early at 8 wks, before the plumming really even had a chance to develop.
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My one female cat does this all the time, she backs against the wall or something, stomps her feet and twitches her tail when she is happy to see us. Nothing ever comes out. It is normal. You cat can spray if he wanted to. Luckily he doesn't
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Chase used to do that.. nothing ever came out for most of his life. But when he started to get sick and I assume more stressed because of it, he started actually spraying when he did it.
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hmm. I don't think it was because he was happy. He seemed positively annoyed and his back was twitching, like I've seen cats do when they are spraying.
Like I said, he'd just got out the bath, so maybe he thought he needed to pee cos I hadn't dried his backside properly?
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