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Oops bad mummy!

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We got a reminder from the vet in December saying that Smudge was due from her rabies shot. I said to DH "no, she gets her shots from the shelter, the vet just hasn't updated their records".

I was looking at their records yesterday for some reason, and found the paperwork from the shelter saying she was due in December, but then nothing else saying that she actually HAD her shot! OOPS!!!!

Things were kinda crazy at that time, but still - I can't believe her shot is 6 months late now!!!
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It's ok. It has happened to most of us. I am sure that Smudge is perfectly fine with you having forgotten that.
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I'm a couple of months behind on shots for my lot, too. They were due about the time I lost Jack, then I lost Damita....and I just didn't get around to it.
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It's understandable that things happen. But nothing bad has happened so you'll be fine.

Meanwhile being a bad mommy myself, I'm trying to get Carly's forgiveness since she ended up closed up in the pantry. Fortunately, Lucy alerted us before I left for work and Carly didn't have to spend the day there.
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I don't think Smudge minds one bit that it is late
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Honest mistake lol
Oliver and my dog, Cuddles, get their rabies shots from the township - as long as your pet is licensed the shot is free (Ollie wasn't licensed as he didn't need to be when I lived in PA and this was his first rabies update in NJ, so I just paid the $11 and got him licensed right there)... it's a very nice offer by the township as it's costly at the vet... you just gotta stand in line at the building with all the other animals... when we got to the doctor, I just pulled Ollie's butt out of the top of the carrier haha and he never saw the doc face to face

My vet didn't have Cuddles' records correct about her getting her shot from the twp so they kept sending cards that she was due for her annual and rabies and I kept calling telling them her annual is ALWAYS in July and she gets her rabies from the twp - so after the shots, I took both animals' papers to the vet and made them note it in the records lol
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Don't feel bad, it happens. All my kitties are up to date in ther vaccines, but I still have to take my little SofÃ:censor:a for her shots, she is still a baby.
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She's all rabies'd up again! I took the carrier out of the cupboard, put it on the ground, and went back upstairs to get my sunglasses. I came back down, and she was already sitting in the carrier I just closed the door, and off we went.

Once the car started moving she realised maybe she shouldn't have got in the carrier

I take her for her shots to the shelter where she was originally dumped at 3 weeks old. Everyone had to come in and say hi to her - they all adore Smudgey and are so happy she made it through after such a shaky start
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Once the car started moving she realised maybe she shouldn't have got in the carrier
I can just see the look on lil Smudgey's face. Poor girl, meowmy tricked her!
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They always check out her broken eyes when I take her in as well. The vet was showing another vet who was there today her little eyes, and telling her how she probably can't see very well through the "strands" in her eyeball (she has all these little strands that criss cross one eyeball in particular). I'm amazed at how cloudy her eyes are still as well - I thought that would go away with time. Poor baby, I just hope it never gets worse.
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Damita is proof a blind cat can still live life to it's fullest. Dang, I will never forget all the times she took flying leaps off high places, just flung her legs out & hoped she landed smoothly. Even if Stumpy can't see much, she's still got an awesome life with you.

This reminded me into getting my guys into the vet for updated vaccs.
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I just hope she doesn't go blind because even with eyesight, she's the worlds most uncoordinated kitty I'd hate to think what she'd be like if blind!
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The World's Most Uncoordinated Blind Kitty?

(OK, trying to put a lighter spin on that...did it work? )
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
The World's Most Uncoordinated Blind Kitty?

(OK, trying to put a lighter spin on that...did it work? )
that cracked me up!
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