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tazzmaniamdevil. my dearest friend went strange and jumped of a balconey.
its been a year and even though i have my oreo i still wish he was by my side.for christmas 2007 my mum gave me a scapbook and inside there was all kinds of pictures and two pages where full of tazz.i could not stop crying in my sig you will see how much i miss my tazz i'm only 13 and i've lost my grandad my cat and i wish life was easy.


i give this award to


for:being the best cat he can be!

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Condolences on losing your dear Tazzy and your grandad. Try to think of your grandad getting lots of headbutts and purrs from your precious kitty, both of them enjoying the beauty & sunshine over RB, both sending you their love from across the distance
Give your meommy some cuddles, Oreo - she needs you now more than ever :headbutt:
Sending prayers and vibes of comfort
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thanks! i'm glad you care.:headbutt:
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My condolences my friend...

Tazzy is in heaven... in a best place.......DonĀ“t give up!...
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RIP Tazzy
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Rest in Peace Precious Tazzy Prance around happily in heaven
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Rest in Peace Tazzy.
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